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Responsive website design and development agency

Convert your Wix website to a responsive website today. Hire a Wix Studio expert and get your site ready for all screen sizes.

Responsive website design and development agency

Responsive design in numbers


billion websites built responsively, which corresponds to 90% of all websites


of users are more likely to return to websites that are mobile-friendly


higher conversion rate compared to non-responsive sites


of businesses report increased sales as a result of responsive websites

Deliver exceptional experiences to customers

Businesses that rely on a responsive platform to deploy and scale next-generation e-commerce websites have trusted bizimuhit while providing a superior customer experience.

Deliver exceptional experiences to customers

Work with the grid directly on the canvas to add emphasis and style where you want it. Split, resize and swap cells to create unique layouts.

Create unique visuals and animations with CSS. Use media queries to make changes per breakpoint, and custom classes to keep everything consistent.

Spark delight with no-code interactions and animations—with extra options from Lottie—to add movement, draw attention, and more. 

Start with expert-made assets and sections inspired by the latest web trends to speed up your process. Then dissect, repurpose, or customize them for each project.

Let the platform optimize for every screen. Choose from out-of-the-box behaviors for elements or use responsive AI on complex designs, then refine as needed.

Deliver full-stack web products at warp speed. Adapt integrated solutions seamlessly with Wix-made or third-party APIs for customers.

Why do you need a responsive website design and development company?

If you're building a website or already have one, you may wonder why you need a web designer with "responsive" in their title. Responsive web design ensures consistent user experience across all devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. When your website is unresponsive, potential customers may leave because they can't view your products properly on mobile. A staggering 70% of Internet usage comes from mobile devices, so it's important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. When you hire a responsive web designer, they will ensure that your website and all its features are viewable on any device, regardless of its size.

Why do you need a responsive website design and development company?

Wix responsive design FAQ

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