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Google My Business: A Guide for Local SEO in Wix

Updated: Jan 8

Google My Business (aka Google Maps for Business) is the first place you look at it if you are searching for a shop or any business near you. Users click on business locations and explore services through Google Maps, that's why it is the source of organic traffic for local businesses. In this guide, we will be walking through local business marketing, SEO, and how you can improve your site rankings in search engine result pages (SERP).

Google My Business: A Guide for Local SEO in Wix

Why Is Google My Business Important?

Google My Business is the number one solution for local businesses that are eager to reach more customers in their region. When you search for something on Google, it lists the best-matched businesses near you first. So, it is great potential for lead generation and customer conversion.

What does the best-matched algorithm stand for?

Google Maps uses a combination of different algorithms to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to users. These include:

  • Geocoding: This algorithm converts addresses and place names into coordinates (latitude and longitude) which can be used to place markers on a map.

  • Routing: This algorithm calculates the best route between two or more locations, taking into account factors such as traffic conditions, road types, and preferred modes of transportation.

  • Local search: This algorithm allows users to search for businesses, points of interest, and other locations near a specific location or within a certain area.

  • Street View: This algorithm stitches together images taken by Google's Street View cars to create a seamless, navigable panorama of a given location.

All of these algorithms work together to provide a comprehensive and accurate mapping experience for users. Additionally, Google Maps also uses user-generated data, such as reviews and ratings, to improve the accuracy and relevance of the information it provides.

So, how Google determines local ranking in Maps and Search? A combination of factors which are based on relevance, distance, and prominence are taken into account and a business is decided to rank higher than others.

The scope of this guide is limited to local search factors. So, search for "flower shops" on Google, first.

Google search term for "flower shops"

The location we made this search from was Ankara. The results from Google Maps were as below.

Local search results from Google Maps for "flower shops""

Now, change the search term to "flower shops <your city>" and see the difference between the two results. We searched for "flower shops ankara" this time.

Local search results from Google Maps for "flower shops ankara"

Bang! Google Maps prioritized the result including the local term, Ankara, and this result clearly shows why local keywords matter for SEO in Google Maps search results.

The business assigned its property in Google My Business with one local keyword won the competition in less than a second. Users who made this search will most probably click on the first-ranked shop since they thought it is near enough to get some flowers.

Also, pay attention to the details in the first-ranked business. Its title and description were including the key terms we searched for.

Local search results from Google Maps

It is now the right time to learn how to optimize your business listing in Google and boost your rankings from local searches in Google Maps.

Google My Business Strategies for Local SEO

There are some strategies to apply to your business listings in Google My Business.

Stick to the Rules

In order to create and manage a successful Business Profile on Google Maps, you should comply with the policies. Your business information should be accurate and do not contain any prohibited content in it. You can learn more about Google Maps guidelines.

If your Business Profile gets suspended from Google Maps, you can no longer drive any traffic to your website or physical store. Although both are dangerous for any type of business model, the one affecting traffic to your online store is the worst one if your business revenue relies on organic traffic coming from Google Maps.

Don't Spam with Keywords

Do not overdo keyword stuffing since any form of spam actually harms your page. Use one or two keywords within your business name.

Specify Your List of Services

Make sure you list services only relevant to your business, do not specify redundant services.

You can add and manage services directly from Google. Search for your business name, then you will see this layout.

Google My Business Management Menu

Write a Killer Description

Remember the terms you searched for at the beginning, which those including some keywords you have later seen in the description of that business profile. Add something to that description that differentiates you from others such as how long you are in business, the number of customers you successfully served, how happy customers you have, etc. Just like a business SEO plan for growth, you created.

Complete Business Profile

As you give more information, Google understands what your business is about and Business Profile will be more likely to appear under related searches. This is called profile strength and is shown on your Business Profile.

Google My Business Profile Strength

Ask for Reviews

Do not believe no one will post a review about your services or products. Set up reminders for customers to let them leave reviews on Google Maps. You should welcome both positive and negative feedback.

Reply to Messages

People may ask the same questions again and again, but they can also search for if their questions have already been asked and replied to. Replying to messages saves time and presents you as valuable since you reply to all messages one by one, individually.

How to Optimize Your Wix Website for Local SEO?

Connect your site to Google My Business

Google Maps is one of the booking channels you can use to get booking requests for your booking services. It can be connected to Wix Bookings App as a channel with seamless integration.

According to Wix, only certain business categories can get booked on Google. The services should also meet some criteria to qualify such as:

  • Appointments and Classes only

  • Service must have a fixed price and can be paid for in person

  • Location is your default business address

  • Clients' requests to book are automatically accepted

Wix Google Maps integration as a booking channel

Optimize Title Tags

Title tags define how search engines are aware of your content or document. There are a few general rules of thumb for optimized title tags. These could be applied either on the home page or other non-specific pages.

  • Keep the titles short. Ideally, a title should take 50-60 characters in length (otherwise, Google will truncate it randomly),

  • Make the titles as clear and descriptive as possible. Users click on the titles they can understand easily,

When it comes to local SEO, the key point is to include a few keywords and the region in the page title. So, we can advise you to use something below:

< Niche or speciality > in < City > | Business Name

< City > < Niche > | <Business Name> | < Sub-niche > | <City Zip Code>

Here is an example of the term "flower shop":

Local SEO for title tags in Wix

You can replace niche with a specific service and use the same syntax if you manage a service business.

Go to the SEO basics tab on page settings and optimize the page title to improve local rankings in search engine results. You can also add schema to your page for featured results.

Complete On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an effort to optimize your content on search engine results. These efforts can increase the overall efficiency of website SEO, build a platform you can always offer more, and ensure that traffic is steady, targeted, and relevant to your audience.

It should include the following activities:

  • Adding internal and external links,

  • Creating helpful content that Google loves,

  • Optimizing site structure, metadata, and elements on the page.


Although there are a lot of myths regarding Wix SEO, you can improve the local SEO of your site and rank your website at the top.


Hope this tutorial greatly sheds light on your SEO work. You can always contact us at +905431000260 via WhatsApp.

Wix expert and certified partner Bizim Muhit

Your Wix Partner,

Bizim Muhit.


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