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Pricing and plans

Always know what you'll pay with monthly caps and flat pricing across all services and solutions.

Wix website expert cost



Ideal for simple

informational websites​

(First draft within 1 business day)

  • Up to 5 pages​

  • Mobile & Tablet Optimization

  • Contact Form

  • Social Media links setup

  • Select from Templates​


  • ​Basic SEO - $325

  • Additional Pages - $200 each

  • Help with Domain setup - $100

  • 30 min training session - $150

  • Email Setup - $450

  • Hosting - $29\month



Ideal for complex informational websites & e-Commerce​

(includes everything in Starter)

  • Up to 15 Pages

  • Plugin integrations

  • E-com setup -  cart, shipping, coupons, & more

  • Tutorial on how to maintain the site

  • Custom content

  • Email Setup

  • Custom Site


  • Additional Pages - $200 each

  • Email Setup - $450

  • Hosting - $29\month



Ideal for custom solutions for informational websites &


  • 15+ Pages

  • Custom website from scratch

  • Custom solutions

Detailed pricing table for all services

Price (£)
Editor X Web Sitesi Tasarımı
Her ekran oranında çarpıcı sonuçlar alın
Danışmanlık Hizmetleri
Uzman görüşü ve geri bildirimleri
SEO Hizmetleri
Arama sonuçlarında rekabetçi çözümler.
Velo Kodlama
Velo ile özel işlevlerin sitede geliştirilmesidir.
Gelişmiş Web Sitesi Tasarımı
İleri seviye web tasarımı hizmetidir.
Velo Development
Add your website custom functionalities.
Discord Usage for Management Teams Course
We let you establish a server with lots of great features as professionals do everyday.
Custom Blog Website
Custom post and category pages, sidebars, members area and more.
Optimize your pages and contents as well as settings for advanced SEO.
Custom Bots
Work in progress
Custom Bots
Work in progress
Wix ile Sıfırdan İleri Seviyeye Web Tasarım Eğitimi
Kurs ve ilgili sayfaların geliştirme faaliyetleri devam etmektedir.
Store Item Optimization
Present your products much better. Product basis.
App Integrations
Youtube, Twitch, Gmail, Slack, or whatever you want to integrate with your server
Resources Library
Step by step tutorials, articles, courses, PDFs and more. Monthly basis.
Digital Community
Celebrate your engaged community right now
Very capable video editor and screen recorder
Server Setup
Channels, bots, roles and permissons
Site Updates
Add a page, make minor adjustments, technical improvements, or fixes.
Install and Set Apps
Add apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat.
Mobile Website
Get your site to look great on mobile devices.
Custom E-mail
Get a custom email and mailbox for your business.
Connect Domain
Connect or attach a domain to your site.
Store Settings
Set up shipping, taxes and/or payment methods.
E-commerce Website
Get a store with up to 20 products, plus payment & shipping methods.
Store Optimization
Optimization includes store settings, item pages, collections pages
Migrate Website
Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.
Redesign Website
Get a new theme and design for your website.
Classic Website
Get a basic website including a theme.
Website Guidance
Get guidance about the design and functionality of your Wix site. Applies per hour.
Advanced Website
Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more.

Wix pricing frequently asked questions

How much does Wix charge for a domain?

Wix doesn't charge you for a domain for the first year after you purchase a premium plan. But you will be charged for the upcoming years from up-to-date rates in your currency. Wix domain pricing may change based on the location you access to More clearly, the IP you access to Wix services.

Wix domains are free for the first year, after which they cost $14.95 per year on average. Specialized domains can cost as much as $24.85 per year.

You do not have to pay for a domain or claim the voucher. Redirect your domain registered from another domain provider. 

How much does it cost to create a website in Wix?

Wix offers eight subscription options beginning at $14 per month (billed yearly), as well as a free plan that you may use for as long as you like.

Wix rates range from $14 to $500+ per month (billed annually). The Combo plan is the most affordable at $14 per month and includes an ad-free website, whilst the $18 per month Unlimited plan is ideal for freelancers.

If you want to get into ecommerce, you'll need to start with one of Wix's Business plans. There are three options, but the most affordable is the $23 per month Business Basic plan.

Is Editor X cheaper than Wordpress? is often less expensive than Editor X, which makes sense given that it is a CMS (content management system) rather than a full website builder., like Editor X, offers a free plan. And its most basic plan, the Personal Plan, costing just $3 per month if paid annually. However, this plan does not enable you to upload videos or use any of WordPress' plugins.

Even if you start with one of the numerous WordPress themes available, constructing a site with WordPress may take much longer than using Editor X.

Is Editor X cheaper than Webflow?

Webflow's general plans (those that aren't for business or e-commerce) are less expensive on every tier than Editor X. They also provide developers with somewhat greater design flexibility.

However, Webflow's plans do limit you in a handful of unusual ways. For example, they all have a monthly traffic limit for your website. You also have a restricted amount of forms on your website that visitors may fill out.

When it comes to business and e-commerce planning, Editor X easily outperforms Webflow in my opinion. It is less expensive at every level and, unlike Webflow, does not limit the quantity of things you may sell on your site. Finally, Webflow lacks the app market that Editor X possesses.

Is Editor X cheaper than Squarespace?

To be clear, Squarespace is less expensive than Editor X, with the exception of Editor X's entry-level business plan, Launch (and the free plan, which should go without saying), which is less expensive than Squarespace's Basic Commerce plan. Furthermore, Squarespace's business options provide unlimited storage and a free professional Google email address for a year.


Squarespace's editor does not offer nearly as much freedom as Editor X or Wix. If, like Wix, you want to develop a personal website but aren't a professional web designer, Squarespace makes a lot of sense. You're unlikely to use much of what Editor X has to offer anyhow, so the extra expense is difficult to justify.

How much does it cost to buy an email plan from Wix?

Wix has teamed with G Suite (Google's Gmail for Business) to allow you to establish unique email addresses directly within your Wix account, which means you can pay for, set up, and modify your email addresses all from the Wix dashboard. If you sign up for an annual plan, it costs $6.00 each month, or $6.50 if you choose a month-to-month plan.

Not sure if you need a personalized email? Consider again! A professional email is important to 75% of US ecommerce shoppers when it comes to trusting a brand. When a generic email address causes 33% of purchasers to distrust your credibility, investing for a personalized email address is well worth it!

Which Wix premium plan is best?

We recommend the Combo plan if you run a personal or company website that does not need to sell anything online. It's amazing value for money at $14 per month and includes everything you'll need to build your website, such as a free name and 3GB storage.


We recommend the Business Basic plan if you intend to start an online store. It costs $23 per month and is ideal for those who are just getting started. If you already have a well-established ecommerce firm, the Business Unlimited package may be worth considering. It's a bit more expensive at $27 a month, but you receive access to more advanced tools that are specifically designed to help your online business develop.

How much does Wix Ascend marketing tool cost?

Every Wix account comes with the Ascend by Wix add-on pre-installed. It's a free, limited-version offer for the marketing package. When you're ready to upgrade your account, Wix has three email price options to choose from: Basic, Professional, and Unlimited.

Please keep in mind that the pricing in bold are for yearly plans. If you wish to pay $12/month for the Professional plan, you must pay the entire amount ahead ($1212), which is now $144.

Is it possible to upgrade/downgrade Wix premium plan?

Yes! You can easily upgrade by logging into your Wix account, choosing Upgrade, and selecting the plan you wish to join. Downgrading is just as simple: navigate to Premium Plans in your Wix account and select Change Plan. Then, make sure you select Confirm Plan Change to finalize.

Are there any hidden costs after purchase a Wix plan?

The major issue you should be aware of is Wix's auto-renewal, which we address in further depth in the preceding post. If you don't want Wix to charge you automatically when your subscription expires, turn this off in your account settings.

Is it possible to upgrade/downgrade Wix premium plan?

Yes! You may easily upgrade by logging into your Wix account, choosing Upgrade, and selecting the plan you wish to join. Downgrading is just as simple: navigate to Premium Plans in your Wix account and select Change Plan. Then, make sure you select Confirm Plan Change to finalize.

How much does Editor X premium plan cost?

Editor X features a total of seven plans (8 if you include the free plan). Four of them are for business and e-commerce, while the other are generic plans known as Website Plans.

Wix website design, SEO, Ascend marketing, custom development pricing. Online store tools, blog, automations, and expert prices. Learn how much you will be charged for Wix services.
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