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Wix SEO expert services by official Wix partners

Wix SEO marketing and business growth agency ready to get rank your website better in search results. We optimize your Wix website for SEO to drive more traffic to the website. Ecommerce SEO expert for online stores optimizing pages, blogs, and do lot more. 

Wix SEO expert services by official Wix partners

Top-rated Wix SEO experts and professionals

At Bizim Muhit, our Wix SEO experts provide SEO services to businesses across the world. We treat every client as a partner, beyond top rankings on search engines, we work with you to ensure that every pound you invest in your SEO efforts yields real and measurable results.

Our approach to providing a professional Wix SEO service combines both on-page and off-page strategies to enable our clients to boost website traffic, grow their customer base and increase their revenue. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t deliver the desired results. It needs a bespoke and powerful SEO strategy that only a true client relationship can deliver.

Whether you run a small company from home or a larger company our Wix SEO experts will create a plan to help improve your online search visibility, increase traffic to your website and boost your sales. Below is a range of Wix SEO packages, we also offer complete custom SEO solutions.

Wix website keyword research to improve SEO and traffic

Use best keywords to rank your pages higher for SEO with or without searching 

Search volume

Find keywords that generates high traffic based on search volume. Build the strongest plan and relationships for your website.

Paid difficulty

How easy could be to build pages and write blogs without paying for expensive adverts? Choose keywords that are listed in lowest difficulties.

SEO difficulty

Target higher volume keywords for easy to follow SEO strategy. Estimate real competition in organic search, work on only the keywords you can compete.

Cost per click

List inexpensive keywords for search engines without paying advertisements. Retrench daily/ annual expenses, optimize your keywords.

On-page optimization to get more Wix organic traffic

Optimize page components like headings, hyperlinks, meta descriptions

Image optimization

Optimize images for SEO. Alt texts unlock power of on-page SEO. Let search engines crawl and index page contents with optmized images

Headings and title tags

Specify particular keywords for pages. Add unique, descriptive title tags to show up in search results. Effective tool for drawing searchers to your site.

Meta descriptions

Making an effective title tag also applies to effective meta descriptions. Summarize key concept of page, increase click-through rates of that page.

Internal & external linking

Target high volume keywords for easy to follow SEO paths. Competition in organic search, list only the keywords that you can compete with.

Improve technical SEO and showcase organic Wix results

Optimize your Wix site for search engines and establish credibility with developers.

Structured data

Get ranked first on search results by adding structured data markup to your website. Increased visibility means increased user interest at the right time.

Canonical tags

How easy could be to build pages and write blogs without paying for expensive adverts? Choose keywords that are listed in lowest difficulties.

Responsive design

See how expensive to list  keywords on search engines with paid advertisements. Decrease annual expenses for ads, optimize your keywords.

AMP-mobile first indexing

Target high volume keywords for easy to follow SEO paths. Estimate competition in organic search, list only the keywords that you can 

Bizim Muhit Wix SEO services for website design.

Track your site to rank it better than your competitors

Uncover competitive advantages to target top positions.

Rank tracking

See what’s working for the competition. Identify what you need to do to gain ground and aim to win top SERP feature positions like featured snippets.

Competitor analysis

Keep a close eye on your competitors. Adjust your own SEO strategy to stay ahead of them. Effective tool for drawing searchers to your site.

Mobile & desktop visibility

Customers have different search behavior on desktops than mobile devices. Compare global mobile and desktop down to the national and local levels.

Trustworthy data

Industry leading SEO metrics give you the highest-quality comprehensive snapshot of your keyword rankings over the week, month, or specific range of time.

Local improvements for global success opportunity

97% of people learn about a local business online, so let your clients do.

Business listings

For local SEO, accuracy matters. Easily create and manage your local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other sites to help consumers to find and choose your business.

Review management

19% of businesses on Google respond to reviews. Review management not only drives more business, but can also impact your rankings and visibility.

New updates and offers

Engage your customers, and keeps them engaged, by allowing you to post profile updates instantly and easily from a single dashboard.

Reporting and insights

Local reporting tools such as visibility index, online presence score and profile. Know when to take action and when to show off your results.

Wix SEO service pricing and packages

Get help from professional Wix SEO experts. Increase organic traffic, annual profit and market cap.

Certified Wix SEO partner by bizimuhit

Get help from professional Wix SEO experts. Increase organic traffic, annual profit and market cap.

Wix SEO frequently asked questions

Is Wix good for SEO?

Wix is one of the best SEO friendly platforms. You can build any kind of website with Wix that competes other businesses around. Wix websites have customization features, allowing you to increase your Wix SEO that way. Wix SEO experts also ready to help you for everything related with your Wix site rankings. You can hire one of them today.

How much does Wix SEO cost?

You don't need to pay for Wix SEO after you purchase a premium plan. But if you need to establish a great SEO plan for the future, you should hire a Wix SEO expert and pay for an SEO package. Wix SEO costs in a wide range from £249/mo to £1049/mo depending on the keywords researched, tracking period, backlink numbers, etc.

Does it worth hiring a Wix SEO expert to optimize your website in search engines like Google?
What is Wix SEO Wiz? 

Absolutely yes. In order to get better rankings in search engines, you should improve your website's SEO. Even if you own a small blog or an ecommerce corporation, in order to monetize your site content, you need to improve your rankings. We also offer Wix SEO help under

Wix includes the Wix SEO Wiz tool that can help SEO beginners start optimizing their sites in minutes. You will find this under the Settings menu as Get Found on Google. You will be asked a series of questions about your business, your name, physical address. 

Which tools does Wix SEO offer you to optimize your website?

Wix offers a number of SEO features for those looking to increase their Wix site's organic traffic. These are editing title tags & meta descriptions, editing heading tags, setting custom page URLs, editing image alt tags, integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console, redirecting URLs (301), structured data for SERP, XML sitemaps and a handy quick-glance checklist you can use to reference.

Is completing the Wix SEO checklist enough for SEO and business growth?

The Wix SEO checklist generated by the Wix SEO Wiz is the first step of installing Wix SEO settings as many Wix users believe but it is a common type of mistake. Search engine optimization for Wix websites to drive more traffic to your site is not that simple since it needs a steady and content-driven business SEO growth approach that will help you to generate more leads.

Wix SEO vs. WordPress SEO: which one is better?

Wix is a powerful website builder across the world with more than 165 million users. It gives you the ability to design, edit and publish your website with a few clicks at the start.


In terms of SEO, Wix is still one of the bests. You can make any change that search engines love on your website. Meta tags, social media settings, SEO templates, 301 redirects, custom 404 pages, and excellent features provide your success.

It has great capabilities if you need to customize your apps, data, and the entire website. Velo unlocks this great potential. It is a built-in development environment for Wix websites. 

Why should you hire Wix SEO experts from

Bizim Muhit offers Wix SEO services at affordable prices. You can ensure that Wix SEO experts at Bizim Muhit will help you to achieve the desired results with proven SEO strategies. A team of top-rated Wix SEO professionals at Bizim Muhit will run an effective Wix SEO campaign that meets your specific needs and goals effectively.

Bizim Muhit is the parent company of Wix SEO Partner and it is a top-level Wix partner. We help companies to rank their websites at #1 on search engines like Google and Yahoo. 

Are Wix websites really SEO friendly?

Wix for SEO is mostly searched term on the internet. Let us quickly review why Wix is powerful in SEO. 

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