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Hire a professional Wix website design expert

Talk with professional Wix website designers and hire one of them before you get started. Partner help for design, ecommerce, Velo development, marketing and all Wix related subjects

Hire a professional Wix website design expert

Wix website design partners and experts

Build your Wix website with professional designers, developers and experts. Whether you plan a regular or eCommerce website, stunning design with improved features wait for you

Hire a Wix website designer

Wix website experts are able to design eCommerce, business and personal websites. Hire the best Wix website designers to build or rebuild any type of website.

Hire a Wix website developer

Wix website developers are professionals who are ready for integrating a feature into your website. Built-in development environment Velo gives you ability to add everything you would like to build.

Hire a Wix SEO expert

Wix SEO experts optimize the ranking on your website by keyword research, competitive analysis and reports. Fixes on-page SEO, SERP, adding market value.

Hire a Wix marketing expert

Wix marketing specialist increse your profit by email campaigns, Facebook Ads by Wix, Google Ads campaigns, automations, coupons, price quotes, invoices, blog, chat app and forms.

Hire a Wix Ascend expert 

Ascend by Wix experts helps you out to generate sales coupons, setup message inbox, use marketing tools, social media posts, video maker, logo maker and business cards. 

Hire a Wix EditorX designer 

Wix EditorX responsive website design service is a great way to get your visitor's attractions from every screen.

Claim a Wix website review  from experts

Are you looking for a couple of professional eyes to review your website and report you the problems monthly? Our Wix experts are dedicated to provide businesses with data-driven feedbacks*

Hire Wix website expert partner for web design, development, SEO services.

Why do you need to hire a Wix website expert?

24/7 Wix support from professionals

Get help from real people 24/7 during the year. Contact with our support team whenever you need.

Professional website design ability

Start your business with professinal looking website. Keep everything simple and work only on your jobi not the web.

Full setup for the site and panel

Customize regular websites with built-in functions by Velo and add components you love much.

Advanced features and customization

Customize regular websites with built-in functions by Velo and add components you love much.

10 best Wix website designers around the world

Are you looking for a couple of professional eyes to review your website and report you the problems monthly? Our Wix experts are dedicated to provide businesses with data-driven feedbacks*

10 best Wix website designers around the world

Frequently asked questions about
hiring a Wix website designer

How much does it cost to hire a Wix website designer & expert?
How much does Wix cost to host a website?

Hiring a Wix expert costs from $100 for the simplest task up to $35000 based on the complexity of the task. The maximum rates are applied for Velo development and ecommerce websites since Velo integrations require to spend a lot of time and ecommerce websites are built for commercial purposes and require additional optimizations. You can view our average pricing plans

Wix website pricing plans vary based on the features included in that plan. For up-to-date rates, please visit official Wix website. Also, pricing may differ for each country. Wix applies local pricing so that there is no exact values for plans across the world. Editor X and Editor premium plans cost different rates. Learn more about differences between Editor and Editor X.

Does hiring a Wix SEO expert worth to increase site ranking?
Does hiring a Wix Velo coder worth to in order to get custom features on your website?

In order to get better rankings in search engines, you should improve your website's SEO. Even you own a small blog or an ecommerce corporation, you need to improve your rankings. Wix SEO services cost from $249/mo to $1049/mo. Learn more about Wix SEO pricing. We also offer Wix SEO help under

Wix Velo coders can add a feature or integrate your website with whatever software you need. Velo is the built-in development environment in Wix. It has powerful features like tables, repeaters, user inputs, custom marketing integrations, automations, bookings and more. 

Should I hire a Wix freelancer or work with Wix partnered agency?
Does Wix partner, Wix expert and Wix pro terms stand for the same purpose?

Hiring a Wix expert relies on two facts: professionalism and budget. Even though freelancers are well for basic-mid scale approachs, they couldn't be tackle of the tasks at the time. Instead, there might be preferred to hire an agency, but in this way, the cost might exceed your budget. The best way is reaching professionals who can offer the budget friendly solutions.In either case, you should prefer Wix partnered individuals or agencies.

All terms stand for the same purposes, that is the people who are able to offer professional Wix services as a freelancer or an agency. The difference appears when you request long term relationships. Freelancers are mostly hired by someone to let them design a website whilst agencies are expected to build a website with marketing and automation tools, SEO friendly structure and overall website experience. 

Who knows much about the Wix: regular partners or ceritifed experts?

Payment methods differs for each country. Based on your location, you have to check which method and gateway is valid. 

How can I hire a professional Wix website partner from

The form presented at the most bottom part of the page must filled precisely. Once you submit your request, one of our consultants will get in contact with you in 2 hours or so, by e-mail. E-mail contact doesn't refer to a free consultation. It is about the requirement feasibility. Even if the requirement can be handled or not, you will receive an e-mail from us.


Consultation is only available upon request with a paid service, solution or support. Otherwise, there will be no sign of video communication between us. You can check our pricing policy page to form an opinion about our service, solution and support pricing plans. Pricing policy may vary with the time elapsed in your project. 

Message us by Whatsapp: +905431000260 or fill the form below

Hire a Wix partner

Hire Wix partner professional services for Wix websites from
Hire a Wix Partner
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