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Frequently asked questions about courses

How to learn Wix website design step by step?

Learning Wix website design looks like a simple path that can be easily followed at the first beginning of your journey. In order to excess in this field, you should do lot of practices overtime based on your curiosity. You can start with a course that bizimuhit offers for the users all around the world and move on to the official resources provided by Wix.

Does it worth to watch Wix website Youtube tutorials?

Wix Youtube tutorials gives you a quick introduction about Wix website design but almost all them doesn't worth to watch or read unlike they were written or recorded real professionals. If you can find a Youtube channel that explains every about Wix website design, please share it on our design forum and mention us.

How to get help from Wix customer support for Velo custom codes and functionalities?

Wix customer support center cannot help you about custom integrations or any code written by you since they cannot understand clearly what you are trying to do. In order to get Wix Velo help, you should hire Wix Velo professionals, use Velo Forum or try to learn Velo and coding on your own in a better way. 

You can join Wix Facebook groups and ask your questions to other users. You can search for bizimuhit powered Wix groups, too.  

Does it worth to hire a Wix Velo coder in order to get custom features on your website?

Wix Velo coders can add a feature or integrate your website with whatever software is needed. Velo is the built-in development environment in Wix. It has powerful features like tables, repeaters, user inputs, marketing integrations, data collections, automations, bookings and more.

It is advised to hire Wix Velo experts/partners to build and present enriched web experiences smoothly. 

How long does it take to learn Wix?

Wix Velo is a free to use built-in IDE. Some of the Velo features may require premium website plans. If you just play in free  templates and won't build something complex, you don't have to upgrade your website for now.

How long does it take to learn EditorX?

Absolutely yes. As you move on exploring our website, you will see that there are lots of integrations, data collections, filters, tables, galleries and other stuff related with Velo coding. 

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