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Contacting Wix customer service

When it comes to contacting Wix's customer care, you have various options

Wix's online contact form

Instead of email, this allows you to request help fast and easily through Wix's website. You'll be routed to a number of related articles before being given the choice of speaking with an agent or requesting a callback.

Wix live chat support

Start a conversation in seconds and get answers to your questions in real time via Wix's website.

Wix knowledge base

It is an extensive, comprehensive library of articles and tutorials that leaves no stone unattended.

Wix's call center support

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in four languages – and five days a week in another five — Wix's phone support is superb. There is no phone number to contact, which is a bit annoying, but Wix's crew usually responds quickly.

Wix support frequently asked questions

How to contact a live person at Wix?

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What is Wix support phone number?

If the Wix contact form doesn't work, you'll be given the option of receiving a callback. Simply put, this means that one of Wix's agents will contact you to give customized support over the phone — all you have to do is request a callback and be signed into your Wix account on a computer or mobile device.

Unfortunately, Wix doesn't include a phone number anywhere on its website, so you won't be able to contact them directly for help. Wix's representatives, on the other hand, are typically quite quick to contact you back and are accessible 24/7 if you speak English, German, Portuguese, or Spanish (see all available languages for a phone call). Wix also provides phone help in five other languages, but only for a maximum of five days every week.

How to contact with Wix support by email?

Wix doesn't provide traditional email assistance, which means you won't be able to communicate your problems to a specific email address. But don't be concerned; the alternative is far superior.

Instead of sending an email, you may use Wix's website to fill out an online contact form. After checking in, you'll be able to select the category that your problem belongs to, whether it's billing and subscriptions, SEO and analytics, or everything in between.

How to contact with Wix support?

Do you need assistance with your Wix account? To get started, make sure you're logged into your account from a computer and click the link below. You may then select your preferred means of communication, and Wix support team will connect you with the appropriate Expert in seconds.

Does Wix have a live chat support?

If you can't find the answers you're looking for using Wix's online contact form, you'll be given a range of options. Simply choose the first option to begin a real-time live chat with one of Wix's customer service representatives.

Wix's customer service representatives are courteous and usually answer within a minute. It's also available in a smaller window.

For difficulties that can't be resolved using the online contact form above, or for which you want extra clarity, we recommend using Wix's live chat tool. Wix's live chat is also useful for situations that aren't so complicated that you need to call an agent, but that still require real-time communication with an expert to solve.

How to use Wix website knowledge base?

Every good website builder has a knowledge base, but Wix's - dubbed the 'Wix Help Center' – is particularly outstanding.

The Wix Help Center is the ideal complement to Wix's phone-based, live chat, and online help services, with hundreds of articles offering advise on nearly everything the builder has to offer – whether that's content, payments, app connections, POS solutions, and much more.


We recommend beginning at the top by putting your query's keywords into the search box.

If that doesn't bring up the information you're looking for, scroll down — Wix has a variety of guides and instructive articles that are conveniently categorized by topic, making it simple to find the one you're looking for.

Hire a Wix partner 

While Wix is one of the simplest methods to create a website – especially if you don't have coding abilities or the time to set up your own hosting and domain name - it isn't for everyone. And, if you find yourself calling Wix customer support on a regular basis, it might be an indicator that you're not made out for the website-building game.


But don't worry, we have a solution for it as too. We have established a team of web designers, SEO experts, content writers, and ecommerce specialists to assist you with any area of your site development experience that requires further assistance.


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