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The 5 Step Wix SEO Plan for Business Growth

Business growth through a proven and content-driven SEO plan helps you to achieve your business goals with the help of a top-rated Wix SEO partner and expert, Bizim Muhit. You will no longer pay thousands for low ROI ad campaigns with a steady business SEO growth plan.

If you are new to Wix SEO services, start by learning the 5 facts you must know about Wix SEO services.

The 5 Step Wix SEO Plan for Business Growth

Getting to Know Your Business

The first step of the business SEO growth plan is getting to know your business fundamentals, goals, and objectives you have. It is important to hear your business story in order to understand any challenges you face or capacity limits.

Setting the Foundations of Your Website

Without completing the fundamentals of the website and SEO settings, you cannot further dive into the details of business growth. Before getting started, our Wix SEO experts:

  • perform a technical SEO audit on your website to detect any issues,

  • make research about what your customers are searching for,

  • redesign some parts on each page to make sure everything will perform better on the page,

  • structure internal links by connecting the related pages, this is what we call link building,

  • connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics (G4A) if they are not already connected,

  • fix crawling issues reported on Google Search Console,

  • recreate some written content on your pages (if something is wrong).

Showing About Your Experience and Expertise

What do potential customers want to see on your website? The fact is exploring the content that they are looking for. Therefore, fulfilling your website with topics related to your industry and adding more sub-categories will have a direct impact on the number of leads or sales the business generates. What we will have done is:

  • performing research regarding the industry and audience which matters most to your business,

  • creating a document including the content ideas related to your industry and target location, keywords, and phrases,

  • sending this document to you so you can check the list and remove the parts irrelevant,

  • researching each individual content idea and writing about it while connecting the hyperlinks and CTAs to other related content on your site,

Once the content is approved, all of those will be published on your blog by ensuring all they are connected to one related.

Building Authority and Trust

Trust is one of the first look-around of the relationship between people so does Google. Becoming a trusted source of content is important for an online business. To help you become an authority in your field, we will:

  • create a Google My Business profile and ensure it is well presented by including the right things about your brand,

  • get your business listed on trusted directories and apps,

  • get links to your website from trusted and well-established websites and writers.

Tracking for Analysis and Measurements

Month after month, we will be going through your website statistics to measure the outcomes of how was going on.

If you can feel ready to get started, simply contact us via WhatsApp.


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