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Wix SEO Tools: Robust Optimization

Updated: May 8

Wix SEO Tools: Robust Optimization

Wix offers a wide range of SEO tools that allow users even with no previous experience to monitor and track their websites' performance on search engine result pages (SERPs). Without any technical knowledge or experience in coding, Wix users can optimize their own websites for search engines to make them visible to the Internet using SEO tools.

Wix SEO Tools

Structured Data Markup

Structured data utilizes specifications for search engines to generate detailed information about the page content, which is also known as a "rich snippet". Rich snippets can have an influx on the website's visibility in search engine results, increase click-through rates, and much more.

301 Redirect Manager

You can redirect old URLs to new ones one by one or in bulk with the 301 redirect manager of Wix. You may need to use 301 redirects if a link on your site is permanently inaccessible or you migrate your website from somewhere else to Wix. 301 redirects keep the potential of your organic website traffic and help to preserve SEO rankings as seamlessly as possible.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP websites take less time to load by optimizing the page content when users interact with your website from mobile devices. Delivering mobile-optimized content reduces bounce rates and potentially optimizes the site in mobile search rankings.

SEO Checklist

Wix SEO checklist offers a step-by-step guide for each page on your website. If you just create your website, it starts asking to input business info and keywords as well as connecting your site to SEO tools like Google Search Console. It also suggests that you can change or add meta descriptions, image alt texts, and even build internal links. If you are a total beginner, see our SEO checklist for beginners.

Site Verification

Verifying your website in various search engines and tools means confirming its ID belongs to you and it is managed by you. Wix site verification tool allows you to verify your website in search engines and tools.

Multilingual SEO

Translating and localizing your content for different regions you serve is crucial if you run an international business. Wix Multilingual enables you to optimize your site's SEO in multiple languages by allowing you to change the metadata for each page, in blog posts, and even in apps.

Wix Analytics

Wix Analytics presents a summary of the key metrics regarding website traffic and encourages you to make data-driven decisions for SEO. You can track the source of traffic, user behavior, etc.

Wix SEO Assistant (Semrush Integration)

Semrush is one of the well-known SEO tools providing details regarding your site's search engine performance. With Wix SEO assistant, you can search for keywords, search volume for specific keywords, and get valuable insights to optimize the visibility of your website in search engine results.


Wix is a robust platform with advanced SEO tools in addition to the basic ones. You can grow your online business with an SEO plan and compete more in search results.



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