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Bizim Muhit offers deep learning in the subject you are loking for. Become a professional at the end of the courses.

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Learn Wix as a entrepreneur, blogger, agency expert, freelancer, student or whoever you are. 

  • Become a Certified Wix Web Designer

    55 lessons

    42 hours

    Certified Wix web designer course will take you the right place on market. You will be introduced with fundamentals of the Wix web design and dive into the deeps overtime.

  • Migrate Your Blog from Wordpress to Wix

    10 lessons

    3 hours

    Blogging from Wordpress became worthless when Wix has been released. You now have a chance to migrate your Wordpress blog to a professional looking Wix blog website.

  • Boost Your Work with Wix as a Bold Creator

    12 lessons

    3 hours

    Are you a freelancer working remote or an agency tends to build successive parts of the WEB ? We call you as bold creator because of the reasons enforce you to build even more creative solutions for your future.

  • Launch Your Next Profitable Start-up with Wix

    15 lessons

    6 hours

    Boost your business or intention by decresing the time you spent on. Get the latest resources for Wix and roll out your brand new looking website with Bizim Muhit. You won't just create a website with Wix, we will do our best so you do.


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Bizim Muhit makes it simple to launch a Wix website and scale up as you grow - whether you are running one website or a hundred. 



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