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5 Facts You Must Know About Wix SEO Services

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

When it comes to optimizing a Wix website for SEO, there are 5 facts you must know about it before getting started. Business SEO growth marketing does not just rely on how much you spend for SEO services to get help from SEO experts but also depends on the way it is planned, the termination time, the content intensity, the leads generated, and how we keep you updated during the progress.

5 Facts You Must Know About Wix SEO Services

The Amount You Will Invest in Wix SEO

Wix users always ask how much they should invest in SEO in order to grow their business without spending massive amounts for monthly PPC ad campaigns. The lead generation from organic search results can be affordable even with annual payments upfront. Your business growth success in SEO depends on the investment level during the termination time since it doesn't happen overnight. You can invest some each month to let us optimize your Wix website SEO. To be honest, it may take months to get your website somewhere resulting in more conversions.

The Number of Leads Your Business Will Generate

To be honest, no one can exactly estimate how much your business will generate each month or annually after your Wix website is optimized for SEO since the factors affecting business SEO success are outside of someone's control. SEO is a dynamic marketing plan that evolves with many updates in which new trends appear and the old ones die. Google continuously changes the way how it crawls websites, how it displays information, etc.

Likewise, for an engine that is igniting gasoline with a spark, one single change in the SEO algorithm can yield a result no one estimated before. That's why SEO services are offered month after month by measuring the impact of the last changes and redefining what we are doing for your business SEO growth which also yields a result of increasing the number of leads your business generates.

The Rank Your Business Website Will Get at Google

Is it possible to rank your business website at the top of Google for specific keywords? Yes, it is possible however when it comes to business SEO growth marketing, it is out of our scope. SEO companies are still focusing on keyword rankings and competition but our effort in SEO is topic intent instead of keyword rankings as it drastically has a greater impact than conventional keyword rankings.

With the latest advancements in AI technology, Google is now one of the most sophisticated search engines matching users with search results directly to the topic intent of your pages, not just keywords. Therefore, business SEO strategies relying on the topic intent are a much more reliable type of business growth.

The Minimum Termination of the SEO Project

Business SEO growth service requires month-to-month attention even though most business owners expect getting business leads within a short amount of time. Growth in any business field is a journey that happens over time so the longer the SEO service you get, the greater your business SEO growth will reach.

The Way How You Will Keep Updated

Wix SEO companies are not always as transparent as us (especially the freelancers from low-budget marketplaces). You will have access to our online project tracking management system where you can keep track of everything. As a part of our Wix SEO service, one of the Wix SEO experts responsible for managing and implementing your website SEO will be in contact with you once a month to share how it is going, issues, and potential opportunities.


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