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Wix Support Phone Call and Customer Care for Help

Updated: Jun 12

Wix Support Phone Call and Customer Care Center for Help

Wix customer support specialists are ready for phone calls to help you for your website. Contact us to solve your Wix website problems. SEO, marketing, website design, eCommerce, domain and all problems are handled by professionals. Don't wait for tickets to get in contact with Wix support.

Wix Support - Help Center for Phone Call

Having trouble with your Wix website design, functionality, or something you can't handle easily? Wix support line from Wix professional designers (called partners) reply to your questions, join your websites, and make everything work fine. Don't hesitate your business with unnecessary details. We keep every detail as simple as possible. Book a quick phone call today.

If your occupation is not related to website design or digital marketing, there will be some problems you have to face soon. Wix, which offers websites with/without pre-made templates, seems to be unreachable when you have some problems.

When opening a website, if you are not a web developer, there will definitely be places where you will have difficulties. Wix, one of the website design solutions serving with a ready-made template, is a closed box in which all kinds of resources are not accessible in Turkish. While we can't even find a Turkish source in this closed box, it is not possible to talk about the existence of Turkish support.

On Wix, you can only access limited information in Turkish on In this platform, where localization, which is one of the main market moves, is nothing more than smacking, your effort to reach Turkish support service, whether you have established a free site or purchased a premium package, is in vain.

I recommend that you stay away from sites that have been ruling all social media addresses for years by imitating Wix Turkey official accounts and that promise you unlimited Turkish technical support if you buy a premium package through their own link. With no guarantees, evaluate for yourself how safe it would be to dangerously entrust all your work to a stranger.

Although it has hundreds of millions of users around the world and has dominated the Turkish market for a long time, and the number of users is higher than you can imagine, Wix still does not do enough work on Turkish support as far as we know. As you can see, it is impossible to get support in Turkish with Wix, neither by e-mail nor by in-site live chat.

Wix Customer Care

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach Wix in Turkish via any phone number. For this reason, do not give credit to calls made to you on behalf of Wix customer service and do not call any number that goes by the name of Wix customer service.

So, does Wix not provide service support at all?

Of course it does, but only in English.

Wix help center and email support

The Wix support center is a comprehensive English resource for support on most topics. For a problem that you cannot find a solution for here, you can reach the support team by e-mail at

Wix Phone Number

There is no phone number to let you contact Wix customer service directly but support by phone is available upon request if you get ahead to the Wix support article.

Wix offers support with voice search in English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you know one of the 3 languages enough to tell your problem, don't waste your time. Of course, this also has some requirements.

  • You must be in front of the computer before leaving a call.

  • The call service is only available between 05.00-17.00, Monday-Friday, according to the Pacific time zone.

  • The call may be charged according to your GSM service provider.

  • All conversations you make with Wix are recorded.

Learn more about Wix phone call support.

Available Languages for Callbacks

Phone call support is not available for all languages right now. Wix offers email support for Korean tickets. Callback services are not yet available in Korean.


Callback hours




Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1 (24/7 in select categories)


Sunday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1


Sunday-Thursday 8AM-9PM, Friday 8AM-2PM GMT+3


​Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1


Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM JST




Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1



How to Request Phone Call Support from Wix?

Wix offers callback services upon request after a couple of conversations made with Wix AI chatbot. In order to get a phone call from Wix, go to Contact Wix page, login to your account, and then follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose one of the categories listed by a chatbot,

  2. Choose a topic from the list,

  3. Choose a sub-topic from the list,

The chatbot may retrieve a solution for the problem from Help Center. If you think it doesn't fit your problem, type in the chatbox "No". The chatbot will ask you to choose a support type either by live chat, phone call, or ticketing. Select "Request a callback now".

There are various support types from Wix customer care. Based on the topic you select and the time you get in contact with them, available support options may vary, too.

Categorizing your issue saves time by directing you to a specialized Customer Care Expert.

Bizim Muhit Wix Website Services

Bizim Muhit is a website developed in Wix. It hosts free Wix-related resources and paid video lectures in the future. Our services, which are currently in the form of advisory support to a limited number of users, will be expanded internationally in the future with modern design solutions, various functionality additions, content production, application support and more.

Request a partner support from to unlock excellent features of Wix and grow your business.

Wix Community Forum

You can ask your questions and start new discussions in the Wix sub-forum, which we have opened to close the community gap needed as a result of the ongoing work within Bizim Muhit and enable both us and other users to exchange views with each other.

Wix Training Academy

The blog posts and other resources we share are free of charge in many languages. Helpful resources from the simplest to the advanced stages will continue to be published on these pages. Join Wix Training Academy today.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us any time.



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