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Wix Customer Service Phone Number

Updated: 1 day ago

Do you need to contact Wix customer service to get support for your website by phone? Learn how to contact with Wix support team by phone. Solve your website issues, ask for refunds, get design tips, and more.

Wix Phone Number

There is no phone number to let you contact Wix customer service directly but support by phone is available upon request if you get ahead to the Wix support article.

Available Languages for Callbacks

Phone call support is not available for all languages right now. Wix offers email support for Korean tickets. Callback services are not yet available in Korean.


Callback Operating Hours




Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1 (24/7 in select categories)


Sunday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1


Sunday-Thursday 8AM-9PM, Friday 8AM-2PM GMT+3


​Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1


Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM JST




Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1



How to Request Phone Call Support from Wix?

Wix offers callback services upon request after a couple of conversations made with Wix AI chatbot. In order to get a phone call from Wix, go to Contact Wix page, login to your account, and then follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose one of the categories listed by a chatbot,

  2. Choose a topic from the list,

  3. Choose a sub-topic from the list,

The chatbot may retrieve a solution for the problem from Help Center. If you think it doesn't fit your problem, type in the chatbox "No". The chatbot will ask you to choose a support type either by live chat, phone call, or ticketing. Select "Request a callback now".

There are various support types from Wix customer care. Based on the topic you select and the time you get in contact with them, available support options may vary, too.

Categorizing your issue saves time by directing you to a specialized Customer Care Expert.

Wix Customer Service Phone Number


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us any time.


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