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How to Use Discord Rythm Bot?

Updated: Jan 15

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How to Use Discord Rythm Bot?

What is Rythm Bot?

Rythm Bot is a plugin that turns Discord servers into Spotify, so to speak. Rythm Bot, which is offered in two packages, free and paid, serves on more than 1 million servers every day and increases its popularity day by day. If we were making a list of high-quality and easy-to-use bots, Rythm would be at the top of the list.

Before moving on to the usage details of the bot, we would like to mention the developer's Discord server. By joining this very crowded server with tens of thousands of users, you can catch some of the opportunities listed below.

  • Rythm bot's latest features and update notes

  • All news and announcements

  • Exchange ideas with other users

  • Idea suggestions to the developer team

  • Getting help from the support team

How to Use Rythm Bot?

In order to manage Rythm better, it would be better to explain some basic usage methods with examples. Check out the Command List for detailed commands.

Playing a Song

!play [song title or URL]

Example: !play sea shanty or !play

Changing the Command Sign

!settings prefix [new sign]

Example: !settings prefix +

Viewing the Command Flag You're Using

Just tag the bot in any chat channel.


Playing Playlist

Just as you can listen to songs one by one, you can also use playlists with the same command.

Changing the Name of the Bot

It is possible to change the name of the bot as you wish.

Right click on the name of the bot > Click on Change username > Enter the new name > Click OK.

All Commands of Rythm Bot

All commands are shared later in the article.

Adding a Second Bot to the Same Server

Rythm 2 bot was developed for simultaneous use of multiple music channels.

Changing the Bot's Information Channel

The bot can send various informational messages to the channel where the command is used. After disconnecting the bot from the channel with the !disconnect command, you must enter the !summon command into the channel where you want these messages to be sent.

Viewing More Parts in the Queue

When you want to view the items in the queue with the !queue command, it is not possible to view the rest of the list. For other pages

!queue [page number]

Example: !queue 6

Removing Repeating Tracks from the List

The !removedupes command is for this job.

Voting for Music Skip

There is no need for unwanted parts to buzz in your ear. To move on to the next piece, 75% of users must support the idea.

Let's say you are listening to music with 10 members on the voice channel. In order for the piece to be skipped, 7.5 members must support the idea of skipping it. With rounding, this number becomes 7.

Skip is activated if there are 3 or more members in the voice channel.


  • Rythm Bot's profile photo cannot be changed.

  • The track cannot be played via Spotify.

  • With Rythm, you can capture sound from Youtube, Sound Cloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer sites.

  • Custom commands cannot be created.

  • The bot does not provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are interruptions from time to time.

Roles and Permissions

The Boss of Rythm

Rythm Bot is built on hierarchical order. Let's take a closer look at the classes.

Ordinary Users/Those Without Special Permissions

  • They can add new pieces to the queue but cannot remove them.

  • They are allowed to use some commands that do not affect other users (queue, lyrics, np, etc.).

  • They can't skip a track without voting.

  • They don't have the authority to control the music.

Users in the DJ Role / Those with Channel Management Permission

  • They have access to all music commands.

  • They cannot make changes to the bot's settings.

Note: If there is no DJ role on the server, one can be created for this purpose without granting special permissions.

Users/Administrators Authorized to Manage the Server

  • Those with Administrator Authority: Although they have the same permission to use music commands as ordinary users, they can make changes to bot settings.

  • Administrators: Have access to all music commands and bot settings.

Ensuring Rythm Only Receives Orders from Custom Roles

  • Create a channel that is visible only to the desired role.

  • Add all channels on the server except this channel to the bot's blacklist.

To create a blacklist;

!settings blacklist [the channel you want to blacklist]

Example: !settings blacklist "#public-chat"

Allowing Casual Users to Use All Commands

In short, create a DJ role and assign it to that user.

Blocking the Use of Music Commands on Specific Channels

Let's get back to the blacklist... Just take care of things one by one.

!settings blacklist [channel you want to blacklist]

Example: !settings blacklist "#public-chat"

Limiting the Queue

There is also a special command to prevent a user from manipulating the queue. It is an accessible regulation via bot settings.

!settings maxusersongs [digit-number]/disable

Example: !settings maxusersongs 4/disable

With the example command, more than 4 songs cannot be added to the queue by the same user.

Blocking the Same Music Without Adding It to the Queue

There is a setting for music in the queue that you do not want to be added again.

!settings preventduplicates on/off

Example: !settings preventduplicates on

The command will prevent this from happening when music that is already in the queue is wanted to be added to the queue again.

Adjusting Tail Length

!settings maxqueuelength [number-digit]

Example: !settings maxqueuelength 5


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