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Discord Giveaway Bot: How to Use & Tips & Tricks

Updated: Jun 11

What is Discord Giveaway Bot? How to Use It?

Learn how to use Discord Giveaway Bot to determine luckiest attendees on your server. Welcome to the Discord Giveaway bot's user guide. Before starting the article, please register on the site.

What is Giveaway Bot?

If you want to quickly and easily make sweepstakes on Discord and distribute gifts to your community, it may be right to choose Giveaway Bot for this job. This user guide is presented in writing just below, and it will be presented with a video on the Bizim Muhit Youtube Channel-Discord playlist soon. Let's give examples of how the bot is used.

Bizim Muhit Discord sunucusuna henüz katılmadıysanız buraya tıklayarak katılabilirsiniz.

How to Use Giveaway Bot?

Make sure you add the bot to your server. You can invite the bot to the server by clicking here.

Quick Setup

You may prefer quick setup when setting up Giveaway for a raffle. During the quick setup, the channel you use will be the channel where the lottery message will be sent. The command required for quick installation is as follows.

!gstart <time> [number of winners] [award]


!gstart 3h 2w Steam Key Worths $20

How the command works?

  1. The !gstart draw start command cannot be changed.

  2. The part indicated as 3h is how long the draw will last. 3h(3 hours) means 3 hours. If you want to change it to minute(m) or day(d), you should change this part to 3m or 3d. The number at the beginning is entirely your choice.

  3. 2w (2 winner) means 2 winners. Change the number here according to how many people you want to give gifts to in the lottery.

  4. The last part is the gift/award explanation.

Ending Giveaway

When you enter the following command for the last draw you created, you will prevent new entries for the lottery.


If you want to end your previous draws, not the most recent one, you should use the following command.

!gend [mesaj ID]

When a New Winner is Needed

If you cannot reach the winner(s) in the first draw, another winner will be required for the same draw. You can notify the new winner with the following command.


Accessing All Giveaways at Once

To access all active sweepstakes on the server, you should use the !glist command.

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