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Copywriting 101: Winning Conversions in Wix

Updated: Jan 8

Copywriting is a type of digital craft designed to drive conversion and sales while creating meaningful experiences for website visitors. Copies can get users to take specific actions in your Wix website such as subscribing to your newsletter, scrolling the page down along a sales funnel, or finding out more about a product. From emails and blogs to eye-catching ads and digital catalogs, copywriting is a combination of features and benefits your business offers to add value to your potential customers.

Copywriting 101: Winning Conversions in Wix

Why does Copywriting Matter?

In order to make sales, copywriters should write quality copies that users can find informative, inspiring and represent your brand voice. Copywriting persuades the target audience through magical words to take action. Although it seems similar to content marketing, it brings more value to your organization.

Good copywriting can increase your brand strength with valuable messages within titles or images by letting the target audience keeps your brand in mind, even whenever they do not need it.

Copywriting clearly points out the strengths of your brand, why it distinguishes itself from other competitors in that field, and why it is special. And that's the point you convert a target audience attraction to your brand into sales.

Types of Copywriting

There are a range of copywriting types and specialties you can apply to your marketing efforts.

SEO Copywriting

SEO is a strategy to rank your website highly on search engine result pages (SERPs). As long as your content delivers value to users with the keywords and phrases meeting certain keyword criteria, your website is get ranked well in search engines.

SEO copywriting includes using the most relevant keywords or titles to incorporate the purpose of persuading the target audience to act and increase their rank in search engine results.

Here are some tips for SEO copywriting:

  • Using keywords in titles and throughout the content by avoiding keyword spam,

  • Making sure the content is well-written so that people would like to share it,

  • Including internal links from one article to another to improve site ranking and increase organic traffic,

  • Adding images with alt texts whenever possible,

  • Optimizing page content for increased readability and visibility in search engines,

  • Writing eye-catching headlines,

  • Using driven call-to-action buttons (CTAs)

Social Media Copywriting

Compelling well-crafted copies of your brand for social media contributes to engage the target audience through posts and social media ads. Adapting the content from one social media platform to another one is essential in social media copywriting. You should post unique copies on either TikTok or Instagram.

Here are how to do social media copywriting:

  • Using strong words and interactive language to increase engagement,

  • Keeping the posts short and brief,

  • Writing informative while being supportive like a friend,

  • Adding the most-searched or most-related hashtags,

  • Building relationships between you and your audience before trying to sell something,

  • Ending the post with CTAs to lead that user,

  • Being helpful and not sounding like AI or chatbot

Email Copywriting

Writing winning emails is specifically a tough task.

Here are the tips for how to win in email copywriting:

  • Writing subjects that readers cannot resist reading,

  • Keeping copies as clear as possible,

  • Creating CTAs that take attention and drive users to take action,

Copywriting Strategies

You should adopt some techniques for successful copywriting strategies which are essentially the steps inspiring people to take action.

Know Your Target Audience

You should know who you are writing for before you decide how you will target your audience in order to meet those specific needs and preferences. Defining a buyer persona outlines the ideal customer profile by including data about demographics, jobs, gender, interests, and any information relevant to that person.

In this way, you are increasing the likelihood of oriented content to convert your visitors into potential customers.

After you have an outline of the buyer persona, ask yourself questions like below:

  • Who are you selling your services/products to?

  • Do you offer something your current customers love?

  • Who is the target audience you would like to sell?

Apply the Right Tone and Language

Once you define the persona, it is essential to establish a second task which is using the right tone and language you adopt in your content. The right words you choose tell prospective customers whether you are writing in formal language, lovely language, or serious.

You can compare these two examples and decide which tone is more professional than the other one while the information is the same in both but the tone differs:

"Keep your customer's attention at scale using designs to unlock the possibilities of the future." “Enhance how to keep your customer's attention using our AI-powered design software. Bizim Muhit helps streamline your website design and drive revenue from graphics.”

Establish a Unique Value Proposition

When there are more options for consumer products and services, you have to focus on the benefits that set your business apart. The unique value proposition brings amazing things to your attention to explore your specialties. You can start with free UVP templates you can find on the Internet.

Use Storytelling

Storytelling is a strategic relationship in which the main objective is creating strong connections between you and your audience. It is an effective way to attract more attention and engage the audience since it is deeper and more sensitive than AI-generated content.

Why does storytelling win?

  • it is more entertaining,

  • it is easy to remember,

  • it brings the context,

  • it boosts the word of mouth,

  • it is endless and timeless

Highlight Social Proof

Online reviews have a great influence on customers' purchasing decisions. Most of the users read reviews before making a purchase and that's why social proof is crucial for copywriting. By sharing an experience about a product or a service, potential customers would want to get the same benefits.

The key point behind social proof is trust relying on real experiences, not a brand or affiliate likewise in friendships. Using social proofs in copywriting:

  • You can focus on the points your customers love or determine the paint points that have to be fixed,

  • You can strengthen how the presence of your products or services with copies highlighting the reviews of other people

You can add sections to embed Google Maps and Trustpilot reviews which are mostly preferred review apps.

Refer to Facts and Statistics

You can't believe how important adding credibility to your content is by referring to statistics and facts. You can give messages to site visitors immediately with stunning facts and stats.

Use Compelling Words

Using certain words to emote the power of copywriting is a common strategy. These specific words persuade people to take action since they behave like a trigger. Here are a couple of compelling words commonly used:

  • convert,

  • grow,

  • optimize,

  • achieve,

  • instantly,

  • stunning,

  • powerful

These strategies are just a few examples of teaching you how to be successful in copywriting.

Copywriting in Wix

You have great tools to equip your Wix website with content persuading your visitors to take action.

Wix AI Writer

Writing copies for especially beginners are not always much easy, even with a draft crafted long before you create that site. At this point, you can generate AI-written content with some clear inputs. Wix AI writer is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Wix AI Writer by OpenAI

Wix SEO Assistant

If you would like to write SEO copies, you should probably use Wix SEO assistant powered by Semrush. It is one of the Wix SEO tools to search keywords and get some suggestions about SEO-friendly content.

Wix SEO Assistant by Semrush

Wix Marketplace

If it is hard to handle all these copywriting strategies, you can hire an expert from Wix Marketplace. There is no title specific to copywriters but you may be interested in hiring a content writer available also for copywriting. OR simply hire an SEO expert from


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