Bizim Muhit offers creative & powerful business solutions.

You can send us a service, solution or support request accoording to your requirements. The things you should know about the request process are listed below. 

  • The form shown at the right hand side must be filled precisely.

  • Once you submit your request, one of our consultants will get in contact with you in 2 hours or so, by e-mail.

  • E-mail contact doesn't refer to a free consultation. It is about the requirement feasibility. Even if the requirement can be handled or not, you will receive an e-mail from us. 

  • Consultation is only available upon request with a paid service, solution or support. Otherwise, there will be no sign of video communication between us.

  • You can check our pricing policy page to form an opinion about our service, solution and support pricing plans. Pricing policy may vary with the time elapsed in your project. 

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