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Wix Restaurants Online Ordering App Review

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Build a professional restaurant website with Wix to receive online orders. Pay zero percent of the commission* while promoting your restaurant with marketing tools 24/7.

Wix Restaurants Online Ordering App Review

Is Wix Good for Restaurants?

Wix Restaurants App offers a variety of features that a restaurant can benefit from. Restaurant menus, table reservations, online and phone ordering systems, marketing tools, and secure payment are of the most asked features. All they are sharpening the skills that the Wix restaurant app has.

Restaurant menu

Create a customized restaurant menu design by adding labels to guide your customers. Set up different menus for different available times.

Table reservations

Receive table reservations directly from your Wix restaurant website. Email and text confirmations will allow your customers to save reservation information to their calendars by automation.

Restaurant reservations can be added from the Wix App Market directly to your site.

Online ordering system

Online ordering system allows customers to pay online or offline for their order, and select pickup and delivery points.

Phone ordering system

Take and track phone orders by phone ordering system. Enabling phone ordering and taking orders from customers on the phone will give you a chance to compete with your competitors. Enter the orders and track them to completion. If you have more than one employee who is able to receive orders, you can also assign them to your restaurant website as collaborators so that they can help you handle incoming calls and orders.

Contactless Dine-In

Contactless dine-in relies on scanning QR code and allow customers to place orders online. Your customers can view the restaurant menu, place an order, pay, and get their food without almost any physical interaction.

Delivery Areas

You may not prefer serving to whole country or the city. Therefore, you have another option on Wix that enables your restaurant website to serve only customers who are in the areas previously set.

Secure payment

Your customers can pay by credit/debit/bank cards, digital wallets, or cash. Connect your website to a payment method by one of the payment providers valid in your country.

How Much Does Creating a Wix Restaurant Website Cost?

Wix premium plans differ from each other based on the purposes of usage. Website premium plans are not suitable for restaurant websites since they are not capable of processing payments. Wix business premium plans can handle payment processing.

Premium plans may vary based on the country you access Wix also offers up to 50% of discounts on premium plans. In addition to this, Wix partners can help you to get the best prices for premium plans.

Wix Restaurants Website Templates

There are tens of Wix restaurant website templates you can explore. Wix-owned templates are pre-made ones that are ready to use.

*You have to pay payment processing commissions to your payment provider.

Here is a tutorial about creating a restaurant website. Don't forget to subscribe.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us at any time.


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