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Wix Pricing Guide: How Much & Costs & Fees

Updated: Jun 11

Creating websites in Wix costs differ for each. Wix charges users based on locations they live in and the plan they would like to use with. Learn how much Wix websites cost and decide which Wix premium plan is best for you.

Creating websites in Wix cost a bit. Wix charges users based on the locations they live in and the premium plans they would like to use. Learn how much Wix websites cost and decide which Wix premium plan is best for you.

Wix offers three types of premium plans: website, business and enterprise. If you are an individual or a business that would like to display your products, not to sell, one of the website plans works for you.

Otherwise, for eCommerce, you must choose business premium plans that allow you to take payments online.

For enterprise plans, you should contact Wix directly since those are dedicated to big enterprises such as Deloitte and Microsoft.

All of the premium plans differ for the type of editors you choose to build your site. There are 3 editors you can use for now: Wix Editor and Wix Studio. Wix Studio plans are more expensive than those you pay for Wix Editor sites.

Wix Website Pricing for Premium Plans

Wix has eight paid plans, starting from $14 per month (billed annually), plus a free plan that you can use for as long as you like. Wix prices range from $14 per month to $500+ per month if you are billed annually.

The Combo plan is the cheapest at $14 per month and gives you an ad-free site. The $18 per month Unlimited plan is best for freelancers, while online sellers can start with the $23 per month Business Basic plan.

If you think that Wix premium plans are not affordable, you should wait for Wix premium plan discounts.

Wix premium plans for websites

There are four types of Wix premium plans for non-eCommerce websites: Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP.

There are four types of Wix eCommerce premium plans: Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP.

Here's all pricing in Turkish Liras (for local Turkish market):

Which Wix Premium Plan Is Best for You?

Depending on your needs like how fast your business grows or how you welcome your visitors, the plan you will select may vary.

Which website plan is best for you?

If this is where you will start your online journey, then select the basic website plan. It is as low as $14/mo so what makes the Combo plan is affordable for beginners.





  • ​Perfect for portfolios, resumes, tiny blogs, and personal websites,

  • Excellent for simple company advertising,

  • Significantly more professional than the free plan,

  • A fantastic starting point.



  • ​App for SEO (helps local people find you),

  • Vouchers for sponsored advertising (great for testing the water with paid advertising),

  • More storage (faster site),

  • Video hours have been increased,

  • A crucial step forward for small enterprises and freelancers.



  • Free extra features, such as the calendar app,

  • A competitive advantage in branding and marketing,

  • Wix Logo Maker is useful for rebranding,

  • Wix Ascend can provide customized marketing assistance.



  • ​Ideal for large/popular sites,

  • Maximum storage space,

  • Priority assistance,

  • It's a little pricey for what it is, but it's worth it if you generate money from your website.


Which eCommerce plan is best for you?

There are three eCommerce plans that you can choose from. Each of them has different pricing and features.




​Business Basic

  • The best strategy for getting started with ecommerce,

  • Features are restricted, but they are adequate for getting started,

  • You should upgrade to the Unlimited plan (described below) as soon as sales begin to increase.


Business Unlimited

  • Upgrade to this plan after your sales are consistent,

  • Tools that help you improve your ecommerce operations,

  • Add product reviews on your website - this is a significant trust indicator,

  • Unlock USPS discounts and automatic sales tax calculations (up to 100 transactions),

  • As well as the ability to begin dropshipping and taking subscriptions.


​Business VIP

  • Upgrade your caps: more online reviews, more transactions with automatic sales tax, more USPS discounts,

  • A significant price increase, but well worth it if you're generating excellent money.


Wix Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Wix premium perks available on free sites?

No, and probably never. For example, you cannot add custom code to the free Wix sites. There are also limitations regarding app usage and data quotas.

Can I upgrade my premium plan before the renewal date?

Yes of course. Select a premium plan, then you will be redirected to the checkout page.

Which type of payment should be chosen: monthly or yearly?

There can be seen from the tables, that there is a huge amount to be saved by paying for your plan upfront for a year (or more/annually), rather than month to month. If it is the first time you use Wix and purchase a plan from them, you may have some concerns about your payment plan. But the reality is a fact that you will probably want your site to go live for at least a year or so.

Remember that:

  • The free plan is a perfect way to test out how Wix works to see which features can be used, and build a site you like, without paying a cent (there will appear Wix ads on top of the screen with free plans).

  • Wix guarantees to pay your money back 14 days after purchase, so you have two weeks to try the additional features, and then change your mind.

Note: Users sometimes claim that they couldn't get their money back. You may need to contact Wix support directly in that case.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us at any time.



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