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Wix Ascend Live Chat App Review

Updated: Jun 10

Wix Chat allows you to directly communicate with guests, whether you're greeting them or addressing their inquiries. Start a conversation with anyone or let them chat when they're ready. You can also change the style and feel of your chatbox, set online and offline chat hours, create new conversation channels, and do other things.

Wix Ascend is no longer available. You can upgrade your marketing plan to unlock Wix marketing features.

How to Add Wix Chat App to Wix Website?

To add Wix Chat into your website, follow these steps:

  • Open the App Store:

    • For Wix Editor: On the left side of the Editor, click the Add Apps icon.

    • For Editor X: In the top bar, click the App Market icon.

  • In the search field, type "Wix Chat" and pick it from the results.

  • Select Add to Site.

Wix Chat is pre-installed on some websites. In the Editor, check the bottom right corner of your site to see if a chatbox appears or not.

Wix Chat Features

Wix Ascend Live Chat App offers a variety of features once you upgrade your Ascend plan (some of them are included in the free version, too).

Customized Chat Box

Fully modify the style of your chatbox to fit your brand. Choose colours and fonts that complement the rest of your site to provide visitors with a consistent experience. For even more brand consistency, you may add your logo to the chatbox's header and minimize chat.

Tracking Live Site Visitors

See who is active on your site and start talks right from the dashboard. This is an excellent approach to keep your visitors interested and convert them into valuable business leads. You can also see real site visitor behaviour, such as where they're coming from and which page they're on.

Pre-Chat Form

A pre-chat form is a customisable form that collects information about site visitors before they enter the chatbox. Select the information you wish to gather, such as your name, email address, and phone number. When a visitor completes the form, the information is emailed to your inbox and contact list, ensuring that you never miss a lead. You may also select different settings for online and offline use.

Group Chat Ability

Group chats are an excellent method to keep your users interested and to foster a sense of community around your website. Members can also form group chats to communicate with one another.

Setting Personal Availability

Make your company open for talk when it is most convenient for you. Set your daily chat hours in advance from your site's dashboard, or flip between being online and offline quickly from your dashboard or the Wix Owner app. This implies that you may reply to your visitors in real time on the days, hours, and time zone that you specify.

Chat Automation

Wix Automations may be used to send chat messages. Greet site visitors and members with a message and set up auto-replies in case you can't answer right away. You may also contact clients when they make a purchase or fill out a form on your website.

Requesting a Payment

Wix Chat allows you to send money requests and receive payments instantly. To finish the payment, your clients can use their credit card or PayPal account.

Adding Whatsapp

Add the WhatsApp channel to your Wix Chat chatbox to give visitors the option of chatting with you through your site's chat or a WhatsApp account. This adaptability encourages your visitors to contact you and makes it easier for them to continue the discussion.


Have questions? Feel free to reach us any time. We are Wix Legend-level partners.



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