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Switching Shopify to Wix: Migrate Your Online Store

Updated: Jun 11

Shopify to Wix Migration

Migrating your online store from Shopify to Wix is a tough decision you will make as a small business owner. There are lots of great e-commerce and online store features regarding Wix. Learn the advantages of migrating your eCommerce website from Shopify to Wix and frequently asked questions for the new Wix website.

Why Migrate from Shopify to Wix

There are a lot of myths regarding Wix websites, even in 2023. Before getting started with migrating your online store from Shopify to Wix, you may wonder why Shopify has disadvantages for small business owners.

Simple user interface

Wix's drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to customize any of its 800+ templates. Wix offers 114 eCommerce-specific templates, all of which are free to use.

Affordable eCommerce plans

Wix allows you to launch your business for as cheap as $23 per month. Premium plans include most of you need to sell online.

Useful free apps

Wix offers built-in apps within their own App Market. It is also offering Apps like Ecwid that may be incorporated and 'plugged in' to your store, providing you with more ecommerce features.

Impressive product presentation

You can customize the product page layout with a few clicks. Wix definitely makes your stuff stand out. It has a built-in product video feature to enhance your customers' experience, and you can quickly add a product zoom option.

Rich payment options

Wix supports online payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other local payment providers. It doesn't charge transaction fees (ticket fees for the Events app, only).

Complex shipping options

With Wix, you can track orders, set tax rules for each product category, and do more. Also, you can add apps for local delivery, and international shipping.

Wix integrated Avalara, which is a tool for tax calculations automatically. When you try to add new tax rules, you can enable Avalara for auto-tax calculations.

Tax settings and calculations

Wix lets you set and disable taxes, include tax in the product pricing, and more. Install the Avalara app, which is an automated tax software tool that allows you to determine real-time tax rates.

Advanced marketing features

Wix Ascend, an all-in-one marketing solution, has transformed the ecommerce marketing game. It allows you to handle all your marketing initiatives in one location. You can run ad campaigns, set up a live chat, send marketing emails, get leads through Wix Forms, and much more.

In addition to these features, your store can be integrated with marketplaces and social media platforms so you can sell products on multichannel with Wix.

Safe online selling

Wix has a variety of security features to protect your online business, so you should feel secure regardless of the platform you use.

Shopify to Wix Migration FAQ

How to transfer the Shopify domain to Wix?

You should migrate your content from your old Shopify site to your new Wix site first. After that, you may go ahead and transfer your domain name. This is necessary to keep current online shop traffic and rankings in search engine results. For digital retailers, these factors are extremely important.

There are two stages to transfer a domain successfully. First and foremost, you should disable Shopify's domain. The procedure of transferring the domain to the Wix website builder is the next stage. Look for specific recommendations generated by the system to perform the assignment as efficiently as possible.

How to transfer the Shopify store to Wix?

Considering transferring the Shopify store to Wix Stores? The Cart2Cart tool will allow you to move your Shopify store's items, orders, and coupons to your Wix store directly.

The Cart2Cart app is free to install on your Wix site, however, Cart2Cart requires a fee to migrate your data. The precise cost depends on whatever aspects you want to move, as well as the optional supplementary services you choose. Cart2Cart provides a preview during the migration process so you can see an accurate pricing breakdown before making any changes or paying any costs.

How to transfer Shopify email to Wix?

If the Wix contact form doesn't work, you'll be given the option of receiving a callback. Simply put, this means that one of Wix's agents will contact you to give customized support over the phone — all you have to do is request a callback and be signed in to your Wix account on a computer or mobile device.

Unfortunately, Wix doesn't include a phone number anywhere on its website, so you won't be able to contact them directly for help. Wix's representatives, on the other hand, are typically quite quick to contact you back and are accessible 24/7 if you speak English, German, Portuguese, or Spanish. Wix also provides phone help in five other languages, but only for a maximum of five days every week.

How to import products from Shopify to Wix?

Are you considering switching from another eCommerce platform to Wix Stores? We're delighted you've decided to join us. To get your store up and going, use our Wix CSV template file to import your items.

To transfer items from a shop created on another eCommerce platform, first export your product data from that platform. Then go to the site and export your items if you're migrating from another Wix store. Then go to the next step (adding your products) to import the items into your new store.

Is migrating the Shopify store to Wix worth it?

Wix doesn't provide traditional email assistance, which means you won't be able to communicate your problems to a specific email address. But don't be concerned; the alternative is far superior.

Instead of sending an email, you may use Wix's website to fill out an online contact form. After checking in, you'll be able to select the category that your problem belongs to, whether it's billing and subscriptions, SEO and analytics, or everything in between.

Is it possible to launch a dropshipping store with Wix?

Every good website builder has a knowledge base, but Wix's - dubbed the 'Wix Help Center' – is particularly outstanding.

The Wix Help Center is the ideal complement to Wix's phone-based, live chat, and online help services, with hundreds of articles offering advice on nearly everything the builder has to offer – whether that's content, payments, app connections, POS solutions, and much more.

You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us any time.



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