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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Website with Wix?

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Wix website building software is one of the most effective digital solutions of recent years. Are you ready to present your work, life, ideas and more to the world with the help of Wix? Guide your thoughts and investments with this help article in Turkish as a support and guide.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Website with Wix?

1. What are the Advantages of Building a Website with Wix?

The first step to your dream of building a website with Wix is the moment you start doing research and encountering this article. We share with you the powerful features and some advantages that come with the premium features of the platform.

1.1. Low-Cost Advantage

Compared to Wordpress, Weebly and other web design tools, Wix stands out with its cost advantage. Annual and monthly package fees are extremely low except for business and trade packages (applies to Basic Editor).

You can consider the following criteria when choosing a package.

  • Have unlimited bandwidth,

  • Considerable storage space

  • Completely remove Wix ads from your site

Apart from the above, you can consult our experts on package options on the Bizim Muhit community forum for any feature you request. You will need to evaluate 7 different packages for Basic Editor based on your business, capital, financial possibilities, and your expectations from a website.

1.2. Secure Cloud Service

In some of its applications, Wix uses Google Cloud service to provide faster analysis to users. Tables that provide statistics can be given as examples of these analyses. With a response time of less than one hundred ms, scalable panel presentations are made to the number of users approaching two hundred million.

1.3. Secure Servers and Accessibility

Europe, America and most of the world's continents and countries have servers where they host Wix websites, including backup servers. With an uptime of 99.8% globally, Wix keeps websites 99.8% accessible. Even if there is a problem with one of the servers, another one of the worldwide servers will be put into service.

1.4. Free Media Library

With tens of thousands of free images, videos and other types of media, both offered directly by Wix itself and from other sources, you can continue to design your site without the need for paid services from external sources.

Hem Wix'in doğrudan kendisinin sunduğu hem de diğer kaynaklardan sağladığı on binlerce ücretsiz görsel, video ve diğer medya türleriyle harici kaynaklardan ücretli hizmet almanıza gerek kalmadan sitenizi tasarlamayı sürdürebilirsiniz.
Wix fotoğraf stüdyosu. Snagit 2021 ile çekilmiştir.

Two of the most recently added media features to Wix are also worth mentioning in this post. The first of these is the tool called the media studio. You can adjust basic cropping, coloring, contrast, and other settings in a few steps in this studio. The second feature is the video creation tool that allows you to create simple-to-moderate videos with images and music. You can create up to 4 videos in a few steps with your existing premium package, without further upgrading to the video package.

Wix'e en son eklenen medya özelliklerinden iki tanesi de bu yazı içerisinde bahsedilmeye değer. Bunlardan ilki medya stüdyosu olarak isimlendiren araç.
Wix video oluşturma aracı. Snagit 2021 ile çekilmiştir.

1.5. Free Web Hosting (Hosting) and Security Certificates (HTTPS & SSL)

Wix's free hosting services protect your data across all platforms. Your site is always safe with 24/7 security monitoring, HTTPS and SSL protection.

And with extended penetration and DDoS protection, you can be sure that your website always stays on secure servers.

Wix'in ücretsiz barındırma hizmetleri verilerinizi tüm platformlarda korur. 7/24 güvenlik takibi, HTTPS ve SSL korumasıyla siteniz her zaman güvende kalır.
Wix website barındırma (hosting). SSL ve HTTPS. Snagit 2021 ile çekilmiştir.

1.6. Free Domain

A free domain name valid for 1 year is provided by Wix with advertising coupons for premium package purchases. It is possible to link the names purchased from other providers to your Wix website in two separate ways. Details can be found in the article Linking domains purchased from other sources to your Wix site.

1.7. Design Freedom

The most important aspect that distinguishes Wix from other platforms is that you could make almost unlimited changes on your site. You can freely refresh all page designs repeatedly, apply your previous design to different pages, and make changes to other settings without exceeding the grid limits.

You can follow 3 main design languages ​​named ADI, Basic and Corvid according to your level of expertise. With ADI, you can launch artificial intelligence-supported websites quickly, with Basic Editor you can create unique designs and pages yourself, and with Corvid, you can make advanced web developments.

What is Corvid? to learn more about Wix Corvid. visit our article. You can find tips on what's manageable on the Groups page and their content, built with Corvid.

The New Address of Responsive Design: Editor X: The inclusion of Flexbox technology in the Wix infrastructure mediated the birth of a new editor in February 2020. With the modern design editor called Editor X, the items displayed on your site will be automatically scaled in different screen sizes. At the time this article was published

1.8. Wix App Marketplace

By using the Wix application market, you can add dozens of applications with or without Wix to your site and customize your site according to unique needs. In addition to a considerable number of free applications, it is possible to encounter paid applications in the market.

1.9. Bizim Muhit Tutorials

Although it may seem impossible to directly access Turkish resources in your web development adventure with Wix, we provide world-class customer and community support for Wix with both paid and free services.

When you set up your premium website with Wix and partner with Bizim Muhit, you can benefit from some of our paid services completely free of charge. Contact us to get more information.

2. What are the Disadvantages of Building a Website with Wix?

When you consider free applications, free domain name, free design, cost, and other advantages, you may have thought of building a website with Wix but looking at the negative aspects of the system will be effective in making the final decision.

2.1. Page Load Speed Relatively Slow

Since the website speed update announced in July 2020 did not come at the time of this writing, we can easily say that Wix websites load slowly despite all improvement efforts. Although Wix Turbo measurements reveal more real values, happy results still cannot be obtained when the average of users is taken into account. Don't forget to check out how to speed test for Wix websites with Wix Turbo.

2.2. Users' Data is Shared with Wix

Even if you have your own data privacy policies, all data on your site is shared with Wix at the same time as you use Wix's services. This will result in flexibility in your Privacy and Acceptable Data Use policies. In addition, you must send a record to Wix each time in order to completely delete the users you have removed from the site members and links from the Wix database, this request may not always be accepted.

2.3. No Wix Office in Turkey

All your legal proceedings can be resolved either by email or in local courts in Tel Aviv. In the complaints on that the owners of websites that have been deleted before or whose premium package and domain name renewals have been stopped continue to be charged in the following periods, you may encounter people who have no choice but to try one of these 2 methods.

2.4. Some Apps May Have to Pay Additional Fees

Even if you haven't upgraded to the premium package, you can use most Wix applications for free, but when your needs increase or you move to a different market target, these applications may need to be used with a higher package or you may have to pay an additional package fee for this application. Although the majority of users do not see this as a problem, the needs of e-commerce sites that are especially interested in search network and e-mail marketing are changing and increasing over time.

The Ascend app is available with premium packages and allows you to send limited number of email campaigns, notification emails. To change this situation, you need to either do a separate Ascend upgrade or upgrade your existing premium package to one of the top packages, so you can use it for unlimited use. Likewise, there is a capacity limit within the site for the video's application. To overcome these problems, you can install external plugins on your site, or you can prefer Youtube instead of video application.


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