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Wix Expert Service Guide

Updated: Jan 6

In this article, we talk about who Wix Experts are, how they are hired, their job descriptions, and how they can quickly find solutions to site problems.

Wix Uzman(Expert) Hizmeti Nedir? Bir Wix Uzmanı Nasıl Kiralanır? Wix Website Sorunlarınızı Çözün

What is Wix Expert?

Wix Expert, officially Wix Expert, is the name given to officials who provide comprehensive support to websites designed or developed with Wix in case of problems. Wix Experts, who act with full equipment for dozens of problems from the simplest to the most comprehensive, eliminate the problems you have experienced by intervening in your website for a certain fee.

Wix Experts can help you with the topics they have mastered. You can easily find a Wix Expert around the world who can offer you a solution to every issue you have problems with.

Working with Competent Experts

Whether you're consulting a Wix Expert for simple SEO work or for advanced functionality. In both cases, be sure to examine their websites in at least as much detail as you have looked at their previous work.

The sites that experts refer to may not have been designed with Wix, or even if they were, they may not be used by a company or individual. Experts may mislead you by including websites built using WordPress or other systems, websites that are still managed by them on live servers on their addresses to make their names known.

Another point we regret to express is that very few of the experts are doing their job at a level that you may like. At the same time, you need to be thinking about the visitors to the site as well as you.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Wix Expert

After talking about the importance of working with competent experts, we had to include the things you should pay attention to before hiring these experts. Let's touch on them with a list.

  • Before hiring a Wix Expert, make sure you have enough basic Wix knowledge yourself to be able to assess what the expert can do. For this basic knowledge, check out Wix's Help Centre or the Our Neighbourhood Resource Library. You may also find "how-to" videos helpful.

  • If you have hired an expert for design work or site setup from scratch, compare the design of the websites that the expert has done before with the website designs of the leading organizations in your sector that are serving today. Do not spend hundreds or even thousands of TL on outdated looks.

  • More than 80% of the experts who claim to provide Wix Corvid service provide this service at a real beginner level. If you are looking for comprehensive solutions, definitely do your research well before hiring an expert.

  • To increase the traffic of your website, you need to do two basic works; 1) Content production, 2) Search ads. If there are these issues in the competence areas of the Wix experts you request service, be sure to update your service request in this direction.

  • Not every Wix Expert is certified. Certified Wix Experts can be found on the domain. Others advertise with their websites or Facebook groups. Once you are sure of the credibility of the experts, both certified and non-certified, go for it.

How to Hire a Wix Expert

Certified Wix Experts can be contacted through Wix's official website. This system does not support payment transactions. You can make payments to the experts in the same country by hand or by wire transfer.

Uncertified Wix Experts may appear in blog posts or adverts. The reason why such highly competent people may not want to find a place on the official site may be because they already have a strong business network.

Website Services

It takes long-term and disciplined work to exist on the web. Choose a good expert or experts and continue your way with the same person or persons. Experts or agencies that can offer collective services can deal with your business more comprehensively and offer better solutions.

Bizim Muhit and Wix Web Services

Bizim Muhit, şu anda Wix ile alakalı ücretsiz kaynaklara ve ileri tarihlerde de ücretli videolu derslere ev sahipliği yapacak Wix ile geliştirilmiş kapsamlı bir web sitesidir. Halihazırda sınırlı sayıda kullanıcıya tavsiye desteği şeklinde devam eden hizmetlerimiz, ilerleyen tarihlerde modern tasarım çözümleri, çeşitli işlevsellik eklemeleri, içerik üretimi, uygulama destekleri ve daha fazlasıyla uluslararası düzeyde genişletilecektir.




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