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Organizing Events with a Wix Website

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Wix Events App allows you to create, promote, and sell physical and online, whether you're organizing a wedding, holding a conference, or selling tickets to a performance.

Organizing Events with a Wix Website

What Is the Wix Events App?

Wix Events is a Wix-developed tool that can be added to any Wix site to assist with the scheduling of events such as festivals, seminars, corporate conferences, private celebrations, and even high school class reunions. Registration forms, RSVP collecting, advertising tools, a mobile app, guest list administration, payment processing, and even printable tickets are all available through the system. To say the least, it's comprehensive!

Wix Live, a solution for online events and webinars, is also available. You may host up to three free events before upgrading to one of Wix's paid services. Wix Video, another option, allows you to live broadcast events. There is, of course, an integration with Zoom.

Wix Events App Features

1) Organize online events

Put your events on the internet. You can select the platform that best suits your needs. You connect your website with your Zoom account. You can also host your online events on Wix Live and publish the records.

2) Sell tickets

You may sell event tickets and receive payments directly from your website. Guests receive their tickets as a downloadable PDF after completing the transaction.

3) Add an event calendar

Create a timetable to assist event attendees in getting the most out of your event. You may list what is going on at various times in each event location and tag related events so that attendees can focus on what interests them.

4) Promote your events

Increase the number of people who attend your ticketed events by giving membership programs and coupon reductions. Customer loyalty may be increased via membership schemes that offer reductions in ticket costs.

5) Arrange international events

Wix Multilingual App can help you promote your event in many languages. You may manually translate your event pages, texts, and the entire site or by using Google Translate.

One drawback is that you may only accept payments in one currency. In other words, you can't allow participants to pay in their local currencies (for example, for a US-based visitor, US dollars; for an Italian visitor, Euros, etc.).

Wix Events Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find frequently asked questions and answers for the Wix Events App.

Is the Wix Events App good?

With many features already existing in Wix, you can choose not to check the other platforms if you are not an owner of one of the Fortune 500 companies.

Which Wix premium plan should you subscribe to for the Wix Events App?

When you need to accept payments online, have a custom domain, or need more advanced capabilities, you need to subscribe to one of the Wix premium plans (which costs $20 per month). Since there are many premium plans you can choose from, it would be better for you to learn more about Wix pricing.

Is the Wix Events App paid?

The only feature not included in the free plan is the ability to sell tickets online; everything else is available for free but you should upgrade your site to a premium plan that allows e-commerce.

How much does the Wix Events App charge for a ticket?

A Business & eCommerce Premium Plan is required for your site to sell event tickets (including complimentary tickets).

Wix charges a %2.5 service fee on ticket purchases, which can be paid to the consumer or included in the ticket price. The payment provider (e.g., PayPal, Square, etc.) charges a processing fee upon collecting money from ticket buyers. This is in addition to the service cost.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us at any time.


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