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Updated: Jun 12

Website design companies can design a custom website or use website templates based on your requests. You can ask how I can find a website designer near me. Even small businesses today need to start an online store for eCommerce. What is the best software for eCommerce?

Explore Wix responsive website design and development services from pro and certified partners in the UK. Modern, professional-looking, and engaging businesses need design/redesign experts. Mobile and SEO-ready web pages from 

London Wix Website Designer

Bizim Muhit is a dedicated service provider to create, operate, and manage Wix websites as an official partner program expert. Even small businesses need a stunning web presence to improve digital properties in Wix. See what makes us great as a Wix website design partner in the UK.

Modern and professional-looking web pages are the core part of the Wix website design process. The more this governs the trends, the way we tend to do expands. As responsive websites are required more, we have become more dedicated to getting us into it.

Wix Website Design Packages and Pricing

There is no exact scale to charge you until you explain your needs as clearly as you can. Based on the requirements, the time spent on your project, support, and other things, the pricing policy may differ. Pricing given below is tax-excluded (20%).

Unlike you have already built your website by using a template, we don't use any of the templates presented in the Wix templates gallery.

Starting Pack - £900

This package contains basic design assets, required apps for your business and page designs up to 5, originally. It is the classic website. Classic or basic websites are considered to have 5-6 pages (if required, it might exceed this limit), are built in basic or ADI Editor, and include:

  • Home, about, contact us pages

  • Services/features pages

  • Blog pages, subscription forms, and/or events (if required)

  • Member's area (with custom labelling and transfer, if required)

  • Basic Wix SEO settings (if required)

  • Basic mobile design

£900 is applied for websites that have been built in the regular editor. For Editor X websites, this pack costs from £1400.

Fastening Pack - £1400

This package contains intermediate design assets, full setups for required apps and page designs up to 8.

Note that these services and related prices cover only the design or redesign fees. To publish a premium Wix website with a domain and without Wix ads, you must upgrade your website to a premium package. You can also request that we let the website a premium package (the yearly plan's price (or for two years) is added to the final quote).

Website Designer Near Me

You don't have to find a company physically near to you. You always have a chance to work with verified online designers nowadays. You can hire a website designer online. It doesn't depend on whatever city you live in or how far you are away from a website designer.

How to Find Website Designers Online?

There are tens of websites to hire online website designers. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal, and Peopleperhour are some of the websites where you can find website designers. Even though they seem secure for online processes and have valuable members to hire from distinct roles in the real world, most of the users trying to offer professional services via these platforms have no idea about what they will do.

Here at Bizim Muhit, only professional Wix website designers with more than 10 years of experience in real-world design, management, and scale websites. As a top-level Wix website design partner, is always available for further discussions about your next website project.

Hire a Wix website designer to start your online business today. Wix is one of the best website builders among hundreds.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Website Designer?

Hiring someone or a company to design your website costs differ based on the requirements of the project.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions, feel free to reach us at any time.



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