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URL Optimization for SEO-Friendly Wix Websites

Updated: Jan 18

One of the key aspects of optimizing your website's SEO is improving the visibility of your Wix website by optimizing the URLs to be SEO-friendly. Since URL optimization plays a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO), it is for the benefit of ranking your website higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). In this ultimate guide, we will dive into the significance of URL optimization for Wix SEO, techniques for URL optimization, and how to implement these SEO strategies to increase organic traffic coming to your website.

URL Optimization for SEO-Friendly Wix Websites

Why URL Optimization Matters?

Semantically accurate URLs can give users a clear idea about the destination page content and improve your website's SEO. URLs are Uniform Resource Locators, composed of the Internet protocol and the domain. Depending on your site structure, other elements are added to the URL (slug). Let us now take a look at why URL optimization matters for SEO.

Enhanced User Experience

Both search engines and people look for easy-to-understand phrases and keywords in URLs to indicate what the page will be about. Providing well-structured URLs for search engines makes it easier to describe the destination page since the URL is semantically accurate.

URL optimization in Wix by enhanced user experience for SEO

In the above example from our website, the URL gives the visitor a clear idea of what the destination page will be about when they click on this URL and enhances the user experience.

Improved Visibility in Search Engines

Even though URL does not have much influence over the page ranking itself, including keywords in them has a minor effect since it allows search engines to determine the relevance of that particular page to the search query. Therefore, using keywords in URLs can act as a ranking factor and improve your website's visibility on search engine results.

Social Media Links

Referring back to our example in user experience, descriptive and clean URLs are more likely to be clicked when they get shared on social media apps. It amplifies a strong presence and contributes to reaching a wider audience by going viral.

Best Practices for URL Optimization in Wix

There are some techniques you can learn to optimize URLs in Wix. These techniques in reality are the best practices that let you improve your site's visibility in search engine rankings.

Include Relevant Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your URL slug, is the one way both search engines and visitors learn about page content. So, make sure the URL aligns with the page content and is well-optimized especially for long-tail search terms.

But, there is a contradiction about using keywords in your URLs, which is cramming keywords into the slug. It is useful to keep a number of different keywords in the article as long as you don't have all of them in the URL.

For example, "" is more relevant to the topic than "".

Make URLs Readable

As we stated earlier in this article, both the search engines and the readers should look first at your URL and try to understand what they will find when they click on it. After removing a bunch of redundant keywords and extra words, you can obtain a more human-readable URL that still makes sense.

For example, "" is more readable than "".

URL optimization in Wix by making URLs readable for SEO

It is also better to use a simple and shorter URL since it is easy to remember when a website visitor wants to return to the content on your website.

Separate Words with Hyphens

One of the ways of making URLs readable is not to use underscores or squish a bunch of them together. Separating words using hyphens is recommended since it makes it easy for search engines to interpret and index keywords in your URLs.

For example, "" is more SEO-friendly than "" and "".

Avoid Dynamic URLs

Wix Velo allows you to create dynamic URLs with query parameters but it appears they are not SEO-friendly for search engines since they are automatically generated when the page is loaded. Instead of using dynamic URLs, it is preferred to use static URLs whenever possible for optimized URLs.

For example, "" is more readable than "".

Implement Canonical Tags

Google may crawl different pages as the same when you use similar or duplicate slugs and this might yield the site's SEO performance to get hurt. You can add canonical tags to indicate the preferred page for the SEO.

Get Benefits of Wix Tools

Wix offers a wide range of SEO tools to allow you to optimize your website URL and overall performance of the site for improved search engine visibility. These great tools include customization of titles, meta descriptions, URLs, structured data, etc.

In addition to these, you can now take advantage of keywords with the Wix SEO assistant powered by Semrush and create SEO-friendly URLs aligning with your content.

URL optimization with Wix SEO assistant


Optimization of URLs is important for SEO and is just one of the elements you should consider while you build the foundations of your website. Implementing URL optimization techniques such as including relevant keywords, separating words with hyphens, and using Wix SEO tools on any Wix website would be greatly appreciated by search engines like Google.

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