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Best Online Business Ideas in 2023

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Owning and operating an internet business allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere in the globe. The concept is appealing and more feasible than ever, but many entrepreneurs are unsure where to begin. Finding a company concept that suits your abilities and strengths is the most critical step in beginning a thriving internet business. Compare the finest credit card processing companies to locate a partner who can assist you with accepting payments online.

Owning and operating an internet business allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere in the globe. The concept is appealing and more feasible than ever, but many entrepreneurs are unsure where to begin. Finding a company concept that suits your abilities and strengths is the most critical step in beginning a thriving internet business. Compare the finest credit card processing companies to locate a partner who can assist you with accepting payments online.

Whether you want to be a full-time entrepreneur or just start a side business for passive income, your product or service must meet a unique market demand. We've created a list of lucrative need-based companies with low beginning expenses that you can start right away.

These 22 internet business ideas are simple to implement. Begin your e-commerce venture right away.

  • Many internet enterprises may be launched with little or no initial capital.

  • Corporate counsel advising and software development are two of the highest-paying internet companies.

  • Create an internet company in a subject or area about which you are enthusiastic and competent.

This article is intended for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking motivation to launch an online business.

Online Business Ideas in 2023

1. Become an e-commerce retailer in a niche market

Everything has a market, even if it's as niche as miniature furniture or organic dog kibble. A specialized e-commerce site can help you reach people who are looking for your unique items. Building a firm in a specialized sector may help you stand out from the crowd while also increasing your credibility and expertise. Consider using social media or your customer demands to create a product for sale on your online store.

You simply need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart function or e-commerce software to get your e-commerce business up and running. You may cooperate with vendors to send items to clients on your behalf to streamline the shipping process. This can help you save money on inventory. This can cut down on the number of goods you need to maintain on hand.

Consider creating an online store if you have a specialty product or service to market. Start your online store business with website builders like Wix. There is a wide range of e-commerce features including shipping calculations, variants, buy now and pay later, and all.

2. Launch a dropshipping online store

You may be concerned about inventory storage if you intend to start an e-commerce business. Drop shipping allows you to accept consumer orders on your website and deliver them directly to a third-party shop for fulfillment. Your dropshipping business will be successful as long as your business plan includes selling things at a price greater than what you would pay to the third-party merchant.

The key point is that dropshipping allows you to have a third-party shop fulfill your online company orders. Websites like Printify and Printful allow you to start a dropshipping business with easy-to-use integrations likewise you can find in Wix.

Wix online stores are capable to take care of dropshipping businesses at any size with great integrations. Here is a list of Wix dropshipping integrations.

  • Printfy,

  • Printful,

  • Syncee,

  • Modalyst

With Wix dropshipping integrations, you can sell products from and and also from suppliers in different countries with local storage advantages.

3. Sell handmade crafts

Online marketplaces for handmade items, such as Etsy and ArtFire, make it exceedingly simple for artisans who can provide a consistent supply of excellent handcrafted products, such as crocheted blankets or distinctive painted glassware, as retailers shift their sales to e-commerce. Selling your items on an e-commerce site if you have a unique craft is a terrific method to generate money while staying at home and doing what you love.

If you buy your creative materials in bulk from a crafting provider, your startup expenses for this business idea are incredibly minimal. You'll make a profit rapidly if you can develop and sell your artwork swiftly on an internet store. When local craftspeople advertise their companies on social media, they achieve more success.

Tip: Sell handcrafted items online using your creative ability.

Great news: Etsy is one of the selling channels Wix provide for e-commerce websites.

4. Apply to remote tech-support jobs

Many small companies cannot afford to hire a full-time IT specialist, so when their systems fail, they generally call a computer-savvy friend or family member. Suppose you are technically competent and have prior expertise working on computers and networks. In that case, you may minimize the need for them to call in favor by providing immediate remote technical support.

Although some employers prefer that you have a technical degree, many will value your experience and knowledge instead. You may start your remote tech support business by inquiring about the requirements of friends, relatives, and local business owners. Freelance tech support jobs may also be found on job platforms like Upwork. Use your technical prowess to provide remote tech help.

Create a portfolio project website and showcase your skills at a place. It is easy to create a portfolio project website with Wix. You can simply install the portfolio app to your Wix website or start with a pre-designed template and publish your it.

5. Coach people online or face-to-face

Just because someone is attending lessons in a subject does not imply that they understand it well. Consider beginning an online teaching company in a topic if you're good at explaining things to someone one-on-one and have a lot of expertise and understanding in that sector. You may utilize video chat platforms like Skype to conduct remote tutoring sessions and share your expertise with anybody, at any time, from anywhere. Consider including a budget for Craigslist and Fiverr including in your company strategy.

Tip: Utilize your superior expertise in a given field by online educating students.

Online booking is a part of coaching and training from remote or face-to-face businesses. You should take appointments and registrations for classes and even get paid online during registration process. So, these are not possible with just video meeting programs like Skype and Meet or Google Forms. At this point, you may consider creating a website for coaching and training purposes. When you create a website, you can also use it to promote your services through Google and Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Wix website builder and Wix Booking App is the station not just for newbies but also for experienced ones. You can find a simple booking system on your website too.

6. Sell online courses and videos

People all across the world may benefit from you sharing your experience with them, similar to tutoring. Starting an internet company that provides digital courses to anybody interested in the topic may simply earn you money - you can charge a fee for prepared written materials or other downloaded information.

Create and offer digital courses on a well-known subject.

YouTube makes it exceptionally simple to launch an online teaching company. Upload videos of yourself educating viewers on any topic, beginner or expert, and utilize social media to promote your channel. As your viewership rises, you'll be able to monetize and profit from your videos.

Tip: Use your videomaking skills to generate money on YouTube through visual media.

But here is another trick: how long will it take to get paid by Youtube? Or how much will you get watched and earn? How many loyal subscribers will be a part of your community and willing to pay for subscriptions on Youtube? There are lots of unknowns in this equation. Therefore, let you use Youtube as a promoting tool for free and build your online school independently.

With "Online Programs", "Forum", "Subscriptions" and "Groups" apps, Wix is a preferred alternative across different platforms. With these apps and many others, you can build a real online school and earn more money.

7. Build a podcast network

Podcast availability and listenership have increased dramatically in recent years, and you may benefit on this by launching your own podcast network. You may populate the network with whatever podcasts you record, but if you let others - whether friends or strangers from the internet - contribute their podcasts, your network will likely develop faster. You may raise the fee per podcast download as your network increases.

Key takeaway: Start a podcast by talking about something you're passionate about and know a lot about.

8. Sell affiliate products

If you enjoy giving customer evaluations on sites like Amazon, you may consider affiliate marketing as a possible source of money. Many businesses still rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to get leads. Many companies are ready to split a piece of their revenues by persuading individuals who would publicize their items.

Affiliate programs are classified into three degrees of involvement: unaffiliated, associated, and involved. Unattached affiliate marketing is a straightforward pay-per-click strategy that involves little to no engagement with the product being promoted. Related affiliate marketing necessitates having some authority and content on the thing you are promoting, but you do not utilize the product yourself. Affiliate marketing is possibly the most successful since you will be promoting a product that you use and appreciate.

Affiliate programs may be a successful method for you if you have a personal website or a strong social media presence. PR agents are often looking for brand evangelists and influencers to distribute free samples to.

Tip: Those with a significant social media following or online presence can use affiliate marketing to generate cash.

You don't even have to create an online store for selling affiliate products. Create a data collection that contains all product info and your affiliate links and connect them to the dynamic pages in your Wix website.

9. Become a blogger

Blogging may appear to be an obsolete company approach because virtually everyone has one, but this should not prevent you from embarking on this online business path. If you enjoy writing or have valuable knowledge to contribute, blogging might be a lucrative career for you.

With website builders like Weebly and WordPress, starting a blog as a company is fairly straightforward, but consistency and quality are critical to success. To build a consistent following, you must consistently create and deliver high-quality material that adds value to your readers' lives. Content that educates, informs, or entertains your audience provides a cause for them to follow you.

Once you've mastered the art of producing continuous content, you may monetize your blog by selling things such as online courses, digital coaching, e-books, or webinars. You may also make money by selling ad space or sponsored content. This business model may need more time and work to implement, but it may be quite successful. If you decide to offer digital things, make sure your website is always safe and secure with SSL encryption.

The key message is that if you are a good writer with continuous material, you may be able to turn your blog into a company.

This blog post was written in Wix Blog App. If you like this layout, you can create a blog website with Wix.

10. Offer consultation for small businesses

Why not start a firm that helps prospective entrepreneurs succeed if you have extensive business expertise and knowledge? As a business consultant, you may utilize your abilities to assist new business owners in getting started and seasoned businesses in keeping up with demand. Your chances of success increase if you concentrate your strategy on a certain component of business consulting.

Being visible in the digital business community may help you build a reputation, establish your knowledge, and attract clients.

Use your business expertise and skills to assist prospective entrepreneurs succeed.


Hope, you found these pieces of advice helpful. You can contact us anytime to turn one of these business ideas into reality with Wix-powered apps.


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