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Preparing your site content for submission

Preparing your content for your new or redesigned site can be one of the frustrating parts of a web design and development project. We have a process in place for taking a great brief, writing proposals, design, UX, development and delivery. Final content should ready to go before we start design to prevent any trouble.

We don't want to receive such messages:

We are still working on it, but don’t let that hold you up. Can you send over the design first and we’ll add the real content later?


Just use placeholder text for now — we’ll have it by the time the site needs to go live.

In order to prevent unexpected surprises such as giving a quote for a page with a form and end up being sent 15 pages of content that has to be wrangled, we expect to finalize the initial steps.

How to Prepare Site Content?

We start with a sitemap in discovery phase to let you outline how a site's content will be layered, organized and nativated.

You are responsible to send proper content before we get started.

Here is the specifications for content that you will send:

  • All texts in Word or Excel (as unformated text)

  • All images is equal or greater than 1920x1080 or 1080x1920 (unlike otherwise is specified)

  • Your brand kit as a separate folder (if you send only logos they should be in .svg format)

Basis on the sitemap generated on discovery phase, create a folder on your computer. Here you can find a sample file structure:

How will you send your content?

You will send your content through WeTransfer. It is a free tool used for document transfers. We do not accept email transfers directly since you are not a part of our business workspace. Email which the content from WeTransfer will be submitted to:

FAQ About Content Preparation

What are the consequences if you don't supply the content when it is required in the process?

The work might be terminated without any refund.

What if you do not prepare any site content before we get started?

You even cannot get a proposal in case your site content is not ready.

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