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Editor X Responsive Website Design

Seamless way to showcase on all screens

Convert your Wix website to a responsive Editor X website today. Hire a Wix Editor X specialist and get your Editor X site ready


Editor X features

Design at custom breakpoints

Control design at every viewport size and choose what to show or hide and where. Editor X has three predefined breakpoints based on the most common screen sizes.

Stack elements in a flexbox

Control the interaction between components as your screen size changes. This immediately inserts items into a Flexbox while preventing overlap.

Stick elements to screen

Pin any element to the screen to keep it visible while scrolling. Set a point at which the element will unstick and scroll with the rest of the site.

Create databases 

Collect and store public or private contents in databases that can be accessed from static and dynamic pages on your website.

Design dynamic pages

Create one-page layout and obtain endless number of pages then, each with their own content, URL, and SEO. Configure with databases.

Define CSS grid layouts

To design highly responsive experiences, define the position and behavior of each element at any breakpoint.


Editor X website design specialist

Hire an Editor X expert to design and create your website. Editor X professionals are Wix Marketplace accredited Wix Partners who are skilled in both design and Editor X. They can assist you with designing and building an Editor X site from beginning, redesigning your current site, optimizing the breakpoints on your site, or building an Editor X site based on a design you give.


Send us a project request to let us know what type of design work you want. We'll analyze your request and link you with an Editor X professional who meets your requirements.

Editor X website design frequently asked questions

How much does Editor X website design cost?

Wix charges much more for the websites built in Editor X than that of built in Wix. Although Wix offers up to 50% of discount for premium plans, it does not offer any discount for Editor X websites. Editor X premium plans start from $23 and go up. You can select one of the plans to start your business today.

Addition to website premium plan, you may need to purchase an Ascend or other apps. Depending on your expectations from Wix forms, e-mail marketing tools, live chat, getting paid, etc., you will pay much for Ascend marketing plans. You can also hire a Editor X website design specialists to present your business professionally.

What is the difference between Wix and Editor X?

Wix is a site builder which is partially capable for responsive site design. Some of the apps like Wix Store, Events and Gallery, Wix Restaurants adapt itself to different screens whereas the strips and page elements adapt itself to different screens up to a certain point. Some others are not able to adapt itself for different screens.

This is the point where Editor X came up as a solution. All apps, page elements and pages in Editor X offers the best sizes on the screens that visitors interact with. Even though Editor X has most of the site features Wix offers, some of them are not available yet. Learn more about Wix and Editor X features.

Is Editor X responsive?

Editor X allows you to create completely responsive websites that automatically change to the screen or device being viewed on in order to provide the greatest user experience every time. You can ensure that your site appears precisely how you want it to look from wherever it's viewed by utilizing cutting-edge design technologies such as flexible grids and layouts, fluid scaling, and breakpoint customization.

So, we can say that Editor X is a fully responsive site builder. Let us build your site in Editor X professionally.

Is Editor X good for eCommerce?

It is likely to see that most of the eCommerce apps are available in Editor X, too. Users with the Business & eCommerce plan have access to selling tools, such as Wix payments online and abandoned cart recovery.

Similarly to Wix, all Editor X premium plans provide limitless product addition, multiple channel retailing, and marketplace selling. 

How to contact Editor X customer care service?
How much does hiring Editor X designer cost?

Unfortunately, there is no specific support staff for Wix Editor X. This website building tool currently utilizes the same customer service mechanism as Wix. Users may easily contact Editor X support via live chat, phone call, email, and the Help Center.

Instead of sending an email, you may use Wix's website to fill out an online contact form. After checking in, you'll be able to select the category that your problem belongs to, whether it's billing and subscriptions, SEO and analytics, or everything in between.

Hiring an Editor X designer or specialist is an effective way to have an online business professionally. Editor X specialists are design professionals credited by to serve for website designing at Wix Partner Marketplace. 

Editor X designers can handle SEO, marketing, design, Velo code development and everything related to your Editor X website. Depending on the service you request from Editor X specialists, quote can differ from £200 to thousands. Hire Editor X partners.

How to convert a Wix website to Editor X website?
How to learn Editor X website design?

Please keep in mind that the transition from Wix to Editor X is extremely hard. Though some of the page elements can be entirely moved, there may be some overlapping components that need to be fixed. You may face with additional sizing, positioning problems too. 

Here's how to migrate your Wix site to Editor X:

  1. Make a backup of your Wix site. In the event of a crisis or disagreement, this step will save your neck.

  2. Choose My Site. Then, on Editor X, go to Site Action and select Rebuild Site.

  3. Examine all of the components you wish to move and then click Let's go.

Is Wix Editor X not for you? It is simple to convert Editor X to a Wix site. Select Site, then Site History, and finally Restore.

Wix Academy X and Webinars give comprehensive guidance on how to utilize Wix Editor X. You may also join Community X to have access to unique material or participate in other eCommerce forums and communities to get additional ideas. You can be a part Velo Forum to ask Editor X questions, too.


Here is a list great Editor X design resources by

See great resources by 

Is Editor X good for website design?
Is Editor X part of Wix?

Wix Editor X is an excellent choice for web designers and companies. This solution provides comprehensive tools for creating a gorgeous website on many layouts and devices without the need for coding.

Editor X, a new version of the website building tool, formally released in 2020. Wix users may now select from three platforms: Editor X, Wix Editor, and Wix ADI. Editor X is still a part of Wix but with a seperate brand identity.

Is Wix Editor X free?
What is Editor X Wix?

Wix Editor X is available for free. Consider subscribing to the premium plan if you want access to unique features and personal customer support. 

Wix's Editor X is a feature-rich website creation tool. It has a "custom breakpoints" functionality that enables web designers and agencies to show their websites on a variety of devices.

Which Wix editor best for you and your business?
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