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Free Templates

Tens of dozens of templates are available for free on Bizim Muhit.

  • Totally free

  • Lifetime access

  • Each theme can be used for only 1 time

  • Bizim Muhit account is required

Premium Templates

Well-designed premium templates will represent your work as it desired.

  • Lifetime access

  • Corvid supported pages

  • Each theme can be used for many many times.

  • Bizim Muhit account is required

Luxury Templates

These templates are designed and used only for your website.

  • Customized brand assets

  • Corvid supported pages

  • Custom functionalities

  • Not required an account

Responsive design

Would you like to you host your visitors in all platforms ? No worry! Every website we work on are designed as satisfying your mobile experience needs. Mobile,tablet and desktop... If you feel you are ready..

  1. We create classic and static websites up to 10 pages and set some applications relative with your subject.

  2. Redesign your website will definitely change its appearance and catch customers' interest on it.

  3. Advanced website solutions will get ready for your specific needs and work requirements.

  4. We initiate the migration procedure as quick as we can. Time to get rid of Wordpress.


  1. I'm owner of a small business and would like to show my work on a static website.

  2. I currently have a Wix website but it doesn't look like I have imagined before.

  3. I manage a big-budget enterpreneurship and consider of growing my business on web.

  4. I currently use Wordpress and think about how ı can migrate my website to Wix.

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