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Wix Editor vs. Wix Studio

Updated: Jun 11

Wix Editor X vs. Wix Editor Comparison

Wix Studio is the responsive editor of Wix which offers advanced design features. Compare Wix Studio Wix Editor to decide which editor is better than the other for your web future. Professional Wix website designers from compared both editors just for you.

Wix Studio vs. Wix Editor

Wix Studio was announced in late 2023 to let users build responsive websites. Yes, responsive will be the key term for Wix Studio during this article. Wix Studio offers excellent additional features besides the ones that you are familiar with from the Wix Editor and we will discuss all these features from different points of view.


When you open up your editor, you access a panel that contains many useful tools and tabs located on near sides. Although there are minor differences between the two, both have almost the same components in the workspace.

What you can find on the workspace:

  • Canvas,

  • Add components panel,

  • Action bar,

  • Inspector panel,

  • Layers,

  • Masters,

  • Breakpoints

Element Sizing Options

Wix Studio provides a wide range of solutions to set element sizes for different screens viewed from different resolutions. You are able to scale page elements to a size of whatever you want in Wix Editor, too. But for Wix Studio, there are some considerations about element behaviors.

Select an element on the canvas and open the Inspector panel to control how it resizes. Choose from Fixed, Fluid, or Scale proportionally.

Fixed: Fixed sizing is used to keep the width of the element the same across all viewport sizes. Fixed elements are generally measured in pixels (px).

Fluid: Fluid sizing adjusts the width—and sometimes the height—of elements depending on the screen size. With fluid sizing, elements are measured in proportional units like percent (%), viewport height (vh), and viewport width (vw).

Proportionally: When elements are scaled proportionally, their height and width maintain a balanced ratio when resized. So when you shrink the page width or height down, it scales the selected items based on this selection.


Container is a term you are probably familiar with from Wix Editor. You were calling Editor-type containers as boxes. Here in Wix Studio, the working principle differs from what you do in the regular Editor.


Probably, this feature can be thought of as grouping in regular Editor whereas its usage differs in Wix Studio likewise containers. "Stacking is a way to control the relationship between elements that are arranged above and below each other on your canvas. Stack automatically puts elements inside a flex container which prevents overlap when the viewport changes size," says Wix.


Wix Studio has a smart docking system to adjust page elements. When you drag an element into a container, it automatically docks to the closest edges. You can override this and manually set your docking from the Inspector panel.

Is Wix Responsive?

Wix Studio was designed to prove it is possible to build fully responsive websites in Wix. You can resize, readjust, and redesign every element for different screens in Wix Studio, easily.


Editor X

Regular Editor



Partially responsive



Partially responsive



Almost no



Partially responsive

Samsung Galaxy Phones


Partially responsive

Grids vs Gridlines

CSS grid is a 2-dimensional layout structure that lets you arrange content in columns and rows. You can apply a grid to any section or container, and adjust its structure and dimensions as you need. Designing with CSS Grid gives you precise control over the positioning of elements at every viewport.

Gridlines are less useful even if you had designed your website by following these lines. You may work with strips and columns in order to improve your page looking for different resolutions but these components do not guarantee your success when you compare with CSS grids.


A breakpoint is where you can adjust a website’s layout or style for different viewport sizes. Each breakpoint has a starting point, an endpoint, and a range in between. Wix Studio has 3 default breakpoints at common device sizes: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Jump between breakpoints, customize them, and add new ones using the breakpoint navigator above your canvas.

The cascading rule saves you time when you’re designing. Any layout or style changes you make at larger breakpoints automatically trickle down to all smaller breakpoints. This doesn’t mean you need to keep the same design for every screen size. You can still make custom changes at each breakpoint.

Advantages of Using Wix Studio

Increased conversions

Making your site accessible for visitors from screens different in size is important. 71% of website visitors come from mobile devices, it is crucial to have a responsive website for conversions and profit.

Ease of Use

Wix Studio is built for website professionals to design websites in a responsive platform. Since it contains lot of advanced-level tools, it requires a knowledge in website design.


If your target audience is high-end brands or individuals, designing a stunning site accessible from all screens is a must. Building a brand site with modern lines and up-to-date content may increase the credibility and the likelihood of your brand to be featured as a trusted resource.


Make an impact on your visitors with the advanced motions on the screen. You can add animations, hovering and scrolling effects to effectively present your services and products.

Advantages of Using Editor X

Wix Studio Pricing vs. Wix Editor Pricing

We said that EditorX has excellent features for both agencies and individuals. It provides website design for all websites, across the pages, as well as giving users the ability to design UI/UX-friendly websites. But, besides these excellent features, Wix applies a bit expensive pricing policy for this editor. Here is a couple of package comparison.

Wix Premium Plans

See how Wix and Wix Studio's pricing and features differ from each other.

Wix Unlimited

Editor X Essential

Wix Business Basic

Editor X Launch

Custom Domain and Free Domain for a year










Video Hours

1 Hour

1 Hour

5 Hours

5 Hours

Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

​24/7 Customer Care

​24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Unlimited Products





Abandoned Cart Recovery





Sell on social channels





Wix Studio Premium Plans

There are two types of pricing plan categories for Wix Studio websites. First one stands for most individuals since it doesn't allow users to sell online. This is called "website plans".

Wix Editor X Pricing

Prices listed in Turkish Liras and are based on the up-to-date currency rate of TL/USD (1 TL = 0,073 USD, 12.05.2021).

Wix Studio Frequently Askes Questions

Is Wix Studio a part of Wix?

Yes, Wix Studio was created by Wix for web designers who want more creative control without having a load of code and lots of components. It also gives you access to the same App Market as Wix. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms. To learn more, read our in-depth comparison of Wix and Wix Studio.

How much does Wix Studio sites cost?

Wix Studio has a free plan that lets you build and publish a site on a free Editor X domain, but it will include Wix Studio advertising. To remove advertising and connect a custom domain, you need to upgrade to one of its 7 premium plans. Website Plans range from ₺133 to ₺306 per month (if you pay annually), while the Business and eCommerce plans cost between ₺172 and $219 per month. If you’re considering signing up for one of Wix Studio’s premium plans, you might want to check out our great discounts first.

Which Wix Studio premium plan is best?

That depends on your needs. If you’re building a simple website for a client who’s not selling products online, the Essential plan will likely include everything you need. iPhones. If your client intends to sell products online, I would use the Launch plan (unless they want to sell subscriptions, in which case you’ll need at least the Boost plan). You can always upgrade later if they start to outgrow your chosen plan.

How to find Wix Studio templates for free?

Wix has over 900 templates in this gallery, broken down into 6 major categories and around 80 subcategories. If none of them feels quite right, you can always choose a blank template and build your site from scratch. It is possible to do the same in Wix Studio, too.



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