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Wix Website Maintenance

Updated: Jul 6

Wix website maintenance services are offered by Wix website designers and Wix SEO experts. Wix website maintenance plans that can keep your Wix website up-to-date and ensure it is performing as expected. Certified Wix professionals update your website content, check technical issues, and upgrade apps when available.

Properly governing and maintaining a website requires a number of tasks, including updating applications, adding new content, generating new and recurring traffic, and keeping your website users happy. Website maintenance means attracting and retaining website visitors with a healthy website.

Wix Website Maintenance

Wix Website Maintenance Plans

Wix website maintenance plans include design, SEO, and Velo tasks that need attention from month to month or annually. We've expanded our Wix maintenance plans over the years to help businesses and individuals who need and want a good, up-to-date, secure website, but don't have the time to maintain their website themselves.

  • Unlimited material updates: Include uploading photos as well as adding and updating certain material.

  • Monthly website audit: Every month, we check for any design or technical flaws, SEO concerns, and other issues to ensure your website is functioning properly.

  • Monthly consultations of 30 minutes

  • Updates to the Wix platform: We update your website whenever a new feature is available.

For Wix website maintenance, we offer two plans on a monthly and annual basis.

Monthly Plan (£75)

Annual Plan (£800)

Content updates*



Website check

Once per month

Each month and quarter

Traffic report**

One per month

​Each month and quarter


30 minutes/month

​30 minutes/month

Platform updates



Business recommendations

Not available



Not available


*New pages, new e-commerce goods added to a store, new blog articles, and graphic design are not examples of content updates.

**Available for only limited Wix premium plans.

Some restrictions for each plan may apply regarding the size of the website. Ask for more details.

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