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Wix Website Maintenance

Updated: Apr 30

Wix Website Maintenance

Wix website maintenance services are offered by Wix website designers and Wix SEO experts. Wix website maintenance plans that can keep your Wix website up-to-date and ensure it is performing as expected. Certified Wix professionals update your website content, check technical issues, and upgrade apps when available.

Properly governing and maintaining a website requires a number of tasks, including updating applications, adding new content, generating new and recurring traffic, and keeping your website users happy. Website maintenance means attracting and retaining website visitors with a healthy website.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the execution of duties necessary to maintain your website operational and up to date. It entails periodically evaluating your website for flaws, repairing any problems, and making improvements.

Types of website maintenance

Content updates

Search engine algorithms love content that adds value to its visitors. Therefore, you shouldn't welcome your visitors with outdated content.

Content updates include adding or changing images, editing sections, adding/deleting/changing texts, etc. Updating site content keeps your site up-to-date.

Website check

You might have done some irrelevant/unnecessary changes on site over time by mistake. These changes yield a result of decreased customer experience and sales on site.

Each month, the site is checked for any technical issues, SEO issues, and more to make sure it is working properly.

With website check, we compare site revisions and recover it back to a suitable version whenever needed or make further changes to fix.


Request trainings and consultations from the Wix experts from month to month.

Platform updates

Wix always changes and improves its services. They release new updates for its apps, infrastructure, editors, etc. Keeping all platform up-to-date contributes accessing the newest, high-standard features.

For example, the last Wix Editor update introduced new sections element.

Why Does Maintenance Matter for Wix Websites?

Why is a website maintenance plan essential for your Wix site? Here are some of the most important reasons.

The vast majority of buyers conduct their research online

87% of individuals undertake internet research before making an online purchase. People who are thinking about purchasing a product from you will most likely wind up on your website.

If people have a poor opinion of your firm after visiting your website, they will most likely continue their search on a competitor's website, and you may lose a transaction.

Your website educates people about their initial impressions

Customers will frequently click away if your website does not function correctly or is outdated. It will create a terrible initial impression of your company. Customers may believe your company is unprofessional if your website appears unprofessional.

Your website contributes to increased sales

Your website is critical in directing consumers to make a purchase. In the case of ecommerce sites, your site makes purchases easier. You will lose potential sales if your website does not function properly.

Site visitors place high importance on user experience

Consumers who have a bad user experience on a website are 89% more likely to buy with a rival. Regular maintenance avoids these negative user experiences and encourages potential buyers to stay on your site longer, boosting your chances of making a sale.

We generally advise using the responsive editor for building sites in Wix since responsive websites increase user experience by allowing them to view your site from different screen resolutions perfectly.

A website maintenance strategy boosts security

Cyberattacks cost American businesses $15.4 million every year. Repairing the damage caused by hacks is frequently expensive, and you may lose clients who no longer trust your firm with their data.

Customers will feel more at ease making transactions on your site if you keep your security measures up to date.

Wix provides 24/7 security for all its websites and you should make sure everything is perfect.

Maintaining your website helps your SEO strategy

If people regularly abandon your website quickly after entering, Google may interpret this as a hint that your site isn't relevant. This rise in bounce rate might result in worse ranks in search results, which means fewer visitors to your site.

Persistent technical difficulties, security issues, and obsolete website design, structure, or content all lead to a drop in your search engine ranks.

What is Included with Website Maintenance?

So, how do you maintain your website? Here are some of the most crucial website maintenance chores.

Annual website testing

Test your whole website at least once a year and after any upgrades. Check that all features are operational, examine for broken links, and keep an eye out for obsolete or erroneous information. Bring in someone who is not affiliated with your firm to provide a new view on the usability of your website.

Testing browser compatibility

At least once a year, check to see if your website works properly in many versions of popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Quarterly testing of your forms and checkout process

Check that all of your Wix forms and checkout processes are operational at least once a quarter.

Weekly evaluation of important metrics

Using tools such as Google Analytics, check the performance of your website at least once a week. Examine your key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your website is assisting you in meeting your objectives. If it isn't, make it so.

You can hire a Wix SEO specialist to take care of your site rankings on organic search results.

This list of website maintenance services comprises the most important website maintenance activities, but it is not an exhaustive list of all the maintenance work you may do.

To achieve your goals, you might build a more comprehensive website maintenance plan or collaborate with a professional website maintenance business.

Wix Website Maintenance Plans

Wix website maintenance plans include design, SEO, and Velo tasks that need attention from month to month or annually. We've expanded our Wix maintenance plans over the years to help businesses and individuals who need and want a good, up-to-date, secure website, but don't have the time to maintain their website themselves.

  • Unlimited material updates: Include uploading photos as well as adding and updating certain material.

  • Monthly website audit: Every month, we check for any design or technical flaws, SEO concerns, and other issues to ensure your website is functioning properly.

  • Monthly consultations of 30 minutes

  • Updates to the Wix platform: We update your website whenever a new feature is available.

For Wix website maintenance, we offer two plans on a monthly and annual basis.

Monthly Plan (£75)

Annual Plan (£800)

Content updates*



Website check

Once per month

Each month and quarter

Traffic report**

One per month

​Each month and quarter


30 minutes/month

​30 minutes/month

Platform updates



Business recommendations

Not available



Not available


*New pages, new e-commerce goods added to a store, new blog articles, and graphic design are not examples of content updates.

**Available for only limited Wix premium plans.

Some restrictions for each plan may apply regarding the size of the website. Ask for more details. Also, these plans are not applied to mid-size and enterprise level businesses.

Wix Website Maintenance FAQ

Here is the FAQ for website maintenance in Wix.

Do Wix websites need maintenance?

We review your website for design, technical, and SEO concerns once a month. We also add new functionality as WIX evolves.

Do websites need monthly maintenance?

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your website up to date and working effectively. The frequency of maintenance will be determined by the size and complexity of your site, as well as the regularity with which it is updated. Maintenance should be performed at least once a month, and more frequently if possible.

How much should a Wix Website Cost?

Each agency out there might charge you at different rates for your next website. Wix websites cost different based on several factors.

Why your site should be maintained by Wix partners?

Wix Partners can optimize your site by redesigning it basis on latest website design trends, updating site apps and adding SEO optimized content. Maintaining your site will increase customer experience thus the visitor conversions.

Wix website experts can help your business to:

  • save time on fields non-related to your business

  • speed up your progress in the field your business is niche

  • enable your site to leave a lasting impression on site visitors with a stunning site design.

Who is Wix site maintenance ideal for?

Wix maintenance plans are ideal for business owners who need to maintain and manage their sites with modern designs and secure while do not have time or necessary skills to do it themselves.

Can you maintain your own site?

If you designed your own small business site in Wix, you can also maintain it yourself.

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