Go beyond basic screen capture
with Snagit

Snagit 2020 is the only screen capture software with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording


Anyone can easily create high-quality images and videos all in one program

People use Snagit to:

Capture wide, or infinitely scrolling content (like webpages or Excel) with Snagit’s innovative Panoramic Capture

Extract the text from a screen capture or existing image (OCR technology)

Annotate, blur, highlight, and manipulate images with dozens of editing tools

Combine images into convenient stepby-step guides and documents

Create short screen videos (screencasts) and GIFs when images alone aren’t enough

Also see how companies and educational institutions use Snagit to improve their services. 

What you will get with Snagit?

For individuals | For companies | For all educational instutations

  • Combine images in sleek templates to create technical and informational guides

  • Record narration and drawings over a series of screenshots or images to demonstrate a process and share information

Basic and advanced capture

  • Scrolling and Panoramic Capture (capture what’s beyond your screen)

  • Video/webcam capture (mic and system audio)

  • Text capture (OCR extract text)

  • User-defined capture workflows

Branding and standards

  • Custom themes and styles

  • Watermarking

  • Web and enterprise outputs for fast sharing • Recent Capture Tray and Library

  • FTP, multiple file formats, more...

Image editing

  • Background transparency, auto-fill

  • Callouts, arrows, text, shapes, etc...

  • Way too many to list...

  • Works the same on Windows and Mac

  • Incredibly easy to use–and powerful

  • APP-V Support, additional VM options

  • Easy-to-use MST customization tool

Training and support

  • Free written and video tutorials

  • Best practices for using visuals in the workplace

  • Priority support

  • User community

  • Blur and redact

  • Replace text and “digital whiteout”

“Quick, easy, feature-rich capture software that I use almost every day. It just works!”

– Kyle Wisdom
Systems Administrator, Financial Sector

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