Bizim Muhit roadmap

Can't see a feature you are looking for? Excited about a new app, tutorial or service? Let us examine them.

Planning Business Development

Camtasia , Snagit, Camtasia & Snagit Bundles will be marketing  in 2021-Q2. Customer resources for the TechSmith also will be released in following languages.

  • Turkish,

  • English,

  • Persian,

  • German.

Released Feature Request

Professional communities need to use advanced forum features. We just wait for the updates by the system provider and edit existing categories in order to needs. 

Soon Website Development

Bizim Muhit always tends to exceed the minimum accessibility requirements for any device and Internet connection. Available design assets for sometimes lacks in page loading and mobile usage. While easiness in desktop usage is kept the same as what it is, we try to improve mobile design and accessibility from different screens. 

Fixing, redesigning and improving more than 400 static and dynamic pages on this website look a bit misfortune for developers and designers whilst fortune for another ones. Following deadlines are shared to keep your minds are up-to-date. 


  • Until 2021-Q2, resources library and academy pages will get a big update.


  • ADA requirements will be exceeded and the website will become more readable for people with disabilities. 

  • SEO improvements will be done. You will be able to access Bizim Muhit from search engines as easy as from direct URLs. 

  • Mobile design for each page will be converged to a fresh lick of paint. 

  • Custom illustrations made just for Bizim Muhit will be added some pages and visual contents.

Soon Training Services

Highly recommended courses will be prepared in native languages of customers. Wix for Business, Wix for Designers, Wix for Educators & Students, TechSmith for Business, TechSmith for Education, Zapier for Business, Basic CRM Softwares and Logics are some of the most intended courses. 

We will also share sertification programs for professionals. Web Design with Wix Corvid from Scratch, Developing Digital Communities with Discord from Scratch, Slack for Marketing Leaders will be the first ones. 

Soon Customer Support

Bizim Muhit works hard on developing professional business resources for you. Let us give you a perspective for the future. 

  • Paid resources pages (available only for our customers)

  • Paid video tutorials (available only for our customers)

  • Udemy course for Wix (only in Turkish)

Welcome to the resources library. 

Bizim Muhit makes it simple to launch a Wix website and scale up as you grow - whether you are running one website or a hundred.