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How to Work With Wix Media Folders and Files

Wix Media

How to Work with Wix Media Library, Folders and Files

Wix Media Library is a powerful tool to let users to add images, videos, documentations and other media types into their websites.

Getting Started

1. Access Media Library

In order to work with Wix media library, you first should access your wix website's dashboard. Then, apply the followings:

  1. Open your editor and click Media icon located on the left tabs.

  2. Click on upload media icon if you haven't uploaded any media content yet.

  3. There might appear a window just like below. You can close the one appeared front or directly use this window.

    • You can choose your media from your device or embed media links from other social media platforms. Also, you can directly import your own Drive media to your Wix website.

  1. If you close that window, you can only see the window below. This is the actual media library window.

    • Every time you click on "Upload Media" button, the window you closed before will be opened.

    • There are number of other menu tabs on this window. You will be introduced with how they work soon on the following lines.

2. Manage Your Media

Since there are number of interesting features on media library, we need to present all ones that let you benefit from.

2.1. Media Library Menu

Media library menu offers different types of scenarios based on different purposes.


  • Site files: Your own content.

  • Visitor uploads: Your visitors' contents. When you add a form that collects medias or work with forum or group app, your visitor uploads tab will be used by the system automatically.

  • Trash: Your deleted content.


  • Media from Wix: Media contents that Wix provides for free.

  • Shutterstock: Media contents that Shutterstock provides paid.

  • Unsplash: Media contents that Unsplash provides for free.

2.2. Media Folders

Explore icons shown above. After that, try to create a new folder.

  • Name your new folder. Open it and then turn your original media library screen.

  • Right click on a media content, and click on move to button

  • Move this image into your one of the files.

2.3. Edit File Info

You can find every detail about your media content after you click on it once. Also, you can change existing fields and apply new designs.

3. Use Your Media

Your content will be eligible to use from other apps while you are viewing your site from your dashboard. Otherwise, Wix apps may require you to upload your files one more time.


Download "How to Work With Wix Media Folders and Files" Tutorial

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This guidelines has been prepared by Bizim Muhit for instructional purposes. You aren't permitted to copy, duplicate or change some/any part of this content without permission for any kind of purposes.

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