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What Is AddThis and How to Use With Your Wix Website?


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We'll talk about what AddThis plugins are and how they can be added directly to your Wix website in this article. İf you are not a member of Bizim Muhit yet, you can just click here to signup.

What Is AddThis ?


AddThis is such a plugin to connects people with your content and provides marketers to develop more personal and effective relationships with their current and future customers. ,and besides this totally free extension is used to turn your visitors engaged customers.

What AddThis Offer It's Users?

AddThis offers users some beneficial tools like social share and follow buttons, related posts grids, link promotion and marketing list buildings. Also, it has some plugins such CMS, e-mail integration, AMP and more.

And all they are free.

Wix and AddThis, Are They Really Work Together?

Although there is no official "how to bla bla" contents both in AddThis and Wix website (we'll look closely in this), we definitely say that AddThis's plugins and tools can be added to your Wix website.

How AddThis Is Set Your Wix Website?

If you are familiar to Wix Tracking and Analytics screen on your site dashboard, you are also familiar to third party apps and how they can be added to your website. But if you are not, you will be aware of how to install an add-on to your Wix website.

First Step: AddThis Part of This Work

  1. Go to AddThis website

  2. Create an account and connect to your AddThi