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How to Contribute to the Resources Library?

Remote Contribution

Resources Library is one of the biggest data collections on . Every contributer supports this area by adding excellent contents. This tutorial introduces you with this library and explains the steps before a content is created.

Collection Usage

Resources Library has been built based on the data collection "resources". It is a huge collection including lots of data about the content you will create. Almost all types of data fields are used to present the related data on dynamic pages properly. 

Collection Fields and Data Types 

Title Field: It is the main field pinned to the collection. 

Tags Field: Tags are used to show key terms in an article, video or image. You can choose one of the pre-made tags created for you or create a new one. If you prefer to create a new one, new tags' first letter should be uppercase. 

Cover Image Field: This image is shown on search results, Resources Library page and some other pages. 

Gallery Field: Visulizations and videos are added this field. Titles and descriptions about these contents may be filled if neccesssary. 

Language Field: You should specify the content language. First letter is upper. 

Subject Field: One word explanation of whole content. 

Description Field: Summary of the content. It contains the words from tags, platform name, and other keywords. It should be getting ready to improve SEO. 

App Name Field: One word specifier for the platform like Wix, Discord, Zapier and Notion.

URL Field: In order to create unique and meaningful URL paths, we must create URLs using English characters regardless of the content language. Don't use special characters such as "_ , é, ! , . , % , $ ", etc. Just use letters and don't leave spaces between words. Just add "-" sign between them. 

Level Field: Each user does not something great everyday. We should consider their experiences and scale the tutorial based on this assumption.  

Featured Image Field: This image may appear at some repeaters but not at all. It is not important for SEO.

Course Field: Presents that which course the content will assigned to. 

Relation Between Resources Library and Learning Paths

Learning Paths are the unified course cirriculums that contain Resources Library's contens inside. Once you filled the "Course Field" on resources collection, all titles marked with the same course name will be added automatically to the dynamic item page where a repeater has added to show the related titles inside that learning path. 

Also, "Course Field"s values and learning path's titles should be the same. Filtering works as supposed if and only if the Course Field's value and path's title are the same.

Collection Dynamic Pages 

Each content you have added to the "resources" collection may appear somewhere on the website where you cannot see easily. But for now, the resources pages connected to this collection are following: 

Resources Library : Lists all of the resources

Resources Item Page : Presents only the selected item

Note: "Resources" collection references the "learning-paths" collection or vice versa. Thats why the contents inside of the resources collection may also appear on pages related on the "learning-paths" dynamic pages.

Right Visual Assests 

Visual assests used in Resources Library should be formed up with the same colors and design mentality. Below color codes are used on our website, social media channels, and on Resources Library. 

#031B4E : Dark blue

#0069FF : Shinny blue

#5B6987 : Such lighter gray

#F3F5F9 : Preferably lighter gray

#FFFFFF : Beautiful white

There are some restrictions about creating visualizations. 

  • Images, graphics, charts and even video contents should be formed up with these colors. If you would like to use another color palette or directly a color, you have to inform us about it. 

  • If it is possible or you are capable to do it, your visualizations should rely on material design instead of random components inside of them. 

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