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How to Filter Wix Data Repeaters Without Code?

Dropdown Menu Checkbox Wix Data

Velo by Wix is a powerful tool for creating websites with or without code. Repeaters are one the most used elements in Wix Editor and sometimes are needed to be filtered according to user inquiries. This tutorial will teach you how you can filter repeater items in order to meet visitor behaviours. You will work with some user input elements such as dropdown menus and checkboxes to filter data in a repeater.

This step by step tutorial has been included to the course "Velo by Wix for Absolute Beginners". You can also watch videos and read articles from the Course here. 

We assumed that you have already created a repeater and connect all items inside of it to the dataset on that page, properly. Once you completed this step, you are able to walk through the next steps as desired.

How to Use User Input Elements? 

User input elements are ready to be used in pages needed to overcome user behaviours. There are many elements allow the user to interact with repeaters such as search bars, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and checkboxes. 

How to Add Dropdown Menu and Checkbox Element to the Page? 

We now just examine a case which a dropdown menu and a checkbox are used. In order to add an user input to the page follow the steps written below. 

  1. Enable Velo by Wix mode (go to top of the screen),

  2. Go to the editor menu on the left of the screen,

  3. Find "user input" section and scroll down that submenu until you find required input types. 

  4. Firstly, click the dropdown menu and drag it to a strip where you would like to locate it on and apply the sames for the checkbox. 

  5. Now user inputs are ready to be configured.

How Do You Set Up The Dropdown Menu and The Checkbox for Further Use? 

Each of the user elements we have added on the previous title has different settings and usage to work with data collections. Although the dropdown menu is able to be connected to a text field on data collections, the checkbox is able to be connected to a Boolean field since it forms two options as "true" and "false". 

The Dropdown Menu Settings, Options and Usage

Dropdown menu settings are the same with the other elements' settings like you have been seen for a long time. But unlike other ones, the dropdown menu contains multiple choices that must be set before the site is published.

Once you click on your dropdown menu, you will see many titles appeared above or below the dropdown menu. Click "Manage Choices" button and begin to add, remove and edit dropdown menu choices. "Label" and "Value" are the key terms of these choices. Even though the labels only viewable for visitors, repeater are filtered based on the "value" you have set up. Once the "Value" of the dropdown choice matches with the "text field"s value, the repeater you connected to the same data collection is to be filtered.

A beginner are adviced to set the same words for "label" and "value" field of the dropdown menu to prevent any misunderstandings or wrong usage. 

Design settings like colors, shadows, text fonts, alignment and others were intentionally left you to do your best. But still you have ability to access Wix design course contents from Resources Library. 

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