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Carl Bot is one of the most popular bots in Discord. It has really useful capabilites in stream notifications. The bot allows users to customize the bot notification settings by using variables. Let us demonstrate how they are used in this case and others. 

{link} >>> Live-stream or video link on Twitch or Youtube

{name} >>> The streamer's name

{game} >>> The game streamer play

{everyone} >>> Everyone tag to notify them

{author} >>> Youtube channel name

First of all, you have already used the bot in your server. If you haven't invite yet, please invite it. 

  1. Go to your server dashboard

  2. Find Twitch title in sidebar and click it.

  3. Click "Add New Twitch Stream".

  4. A setup tab will be open. We'll use this tab to add and edit the streamer's notifications.

  5. Fill your "Twitch Name" search box with a Twitch username like Gospodar1453.

  6. Select a channel where messages are sent to.

  7. Edit "Announcement Message" by using variables that are listed above.

Sample of Announcement Message : "{name} plays {game}. {everyone} can watch this stream on {link}."

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