World of Tanks 1.6.1 Common Test:Buy Tanks With Your Bonds

Updated: May 12

Most waited feature, buying out tanks with bonds, will coming soon. World of Tanks Common Test 1.6.1-fourth iteration is already for you. Let me explain... below...

Common Test will bring the trade-in program to the game store and the most expected feature: vehicles for bonds. The trade-in program will be open as from Tuesday, October 1. Some new's;

  • Viewing the vehicle's price after discount, minus the cost of the selected vehicle,

  • New tab to being listed of vehicles that can be purchased under the trade-in program,

  • Hired vehicles can be added on vehicle preview screen to view the total cost.

Spend Your Bonds To Gain Vehicles

One of the most awaited features was the ability to spend your bonds for premium and reward vehicles. Despite the fact that some of tanks have already been added to the Common Test, there is no further information about them.

I.e: 15,000 bonds have to being spent for a Tier X reward vehicle like the M60.

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