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Wix Studio: Modern and Responsive Websites

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Wix members and designers are generally asking "Is Wix responsive or not" Knowing whether the Wix websites are responsive or not is a reason for the preference of starting a business with Wix. In this article, we will be giving you the myths and facts about the responsive behaviour of Wix websites, showing the fundamentals of Wix responsive design and Editor X website design.

Wix Studio: Modern and Responsive Websites

Creating Modern and Responsive Websites in Wix

Editor X allows you to create completely responsive websites that automatically change to the screen or device being viewed in order to provide the greatest user experience every time. You can ensure that your site appears precisely how you want it to look from wherever it's viewed by utilizing cutting-edge design technologies such as flexible grids and layouts, fluid scaling, and breakpoint customization.

Working with Wix Editor

You may prefer to use Wix widgets or elements that can be stretched to the full width of the page. There are many elements and apps used for that purpose such as slideshows, galleries, menus, apps like Bookings, etc.

Working with Wix Editor

Leaving Gaps Between the Gridlines and the Page Elements

When you shrink the page width down, you will see that the page stops behaving responsively after a certain point. To keep this range big enough, you should keep in mind that you need to leave minor gaps between the page elements and the gridlines.

The below example was taken from a strip divided into three columns.

Leaving Gaps Between the Gridlines and the Page Elements

Using a Strip on a Strip

Add a strip to the page and one more that is attached to the first one on the desktop editor. Use the main strip for the heading and the other one for the contents and sub-headings.

Using a Strip on a Strip

Mobile Optimizations

Designing a website relies on a mobile-first approach but Wix doesn't allow this for now. You first need to design your website for desktop and then for mobile.

Mobile Optimizations

Wix Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wix Websites Mobile Friendly?

No, they are mobile-friendly because the Wix editor enables you to optimize your site for mobile devices. This is not a full-scale mobile optimization but it works well and makes the website partially responsive (or adaptive).

If you created your Wix website with a template and then made some changes on the desktop, the mobile view will be affected by this. To obtain a nice view on mobile devices again, you should make proper adjustments for the mobile view. Otherwise, the website will seem awful.

Are Wix Websites Mobile Responsive?

Everybody knows that having a business online can generate millions of dollars if and only if it offers better results compared to others on mobile devices. 70% of the websites' traffic comes from mobile devices so it gets the biggest share of the cake.

The better UI your site has, the smoother the site's user experience will be. If you choose to build your site in Wix Studio, then you can design your mobile independent from the desktop and tablet views.

Are Wix Editor Sites Load Slow?

Loading time depends on the size of the page contents. It does not depend on how the website is viewed on mobile devices.


You are ready to go. If you have further questions in your mind, feel free to reach us at any time.



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