Why You Shouldn't Trust Any Wix Community(Groups)-Top 10 Reasons

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Top 10 reasons not to trust any Wix groups or forum communities will being listed just below this introduction. Jump in article !

Since the Wix has advertised their products all over the world, some communities and forums was opened to teach or explore the Wix World. Even their goal is engaging communication between the Wix users and solving problems, they don't look like they're working well. So, I've decided to show you the top 10 reasons that explain why you don't trust these kind of groups.

10) Unexperienced Users

Although there are lots of subtitles,categories and units written about Wix features in community forums and groups, anyone has a classification by user's experience. According to feeds on the platforms that Wix users share their problems or thoughts, unexperienced users don't follow the official blog news or read the official guides and watching tutorials. This cause an error like that experienced users scroll down the anyone's post without leaving any comments because they had being bored to see exactly the same posts again,again and again.

9) Giant Chaos

While all feeds or posts stream through the page, anyone realize what type of content was created. All inputs disappears after a quick look. Increment in group or forum members initiates unobservational process beacuse of the platform features don't exist for these kind of activities.

8) Cheaters

As everywhere, cheaters also are there. If you look a help to tackle with problem, you will probably meet a guy who offers the best SEO or something like that. If this guy try to take an interest in your works much more than you suppose, you should get rid of this cheater as quick as possible.

7) Marketing Baits

Probably, you have come across with a marketing agency that give you some advices about your website in return of your e-mail or personal informations. These guys look pretty awesome with lots of trips and tricks that will give you but their plans are more different than you thought.

Don't wait to tips and tricks that will be sent you...

6) Help Mate

Someone can share Corvid codes or API page links to make you access the actual knowledge. These can be looked as helpful at the beginning of your Corvid journey but this is not what it looks like. They just encourage people stuck in this knowledge sea without any further help.

5) Application Developers

Wix App Market are hosting tens of hundreds of applications developed by Wix and other developers. Applications help you out choosing the best functionality for your website. On the one hand, it increases the interactions between site users and contents; on the other hand, it makes you addicted to these tools forever.

Independent application developers can give you an advice how you can set up and improve your site functionality by using their tools in Wix groups.

4) Website Creater's Websites

I believe you have read some trip blogs and articles that praice the recommendation facilities, beaches or restaurants in somewhere you're looking for. Even these reviews look like they were written by the website owners, editors or writers, almost all are supported by tourism agencies to increase their dynamism and profitability.

Similarly, any website creators websites lead you to go wrong. Their purpose is not a fully comprehensive suggestion for your work. They just want you to purchase Wix products more and more. To do this, they create new Facebook groups and forums everyday.

3) Training Camp

Wix Training Camp, or whatever you call it, writes many blog posts, records how to videos and share his/her passion in his/her contents. It assure everybody that they train himself/herself. They collect e-mails to send you new campaigns like "Why Don't You Trust Us To Make a Stunning Website For You!".

Preparing webinars can be a new path...

2) Affiliate Websites

Every company which want to sell more products affiliate with website owners. Therefore they provide affiliates by giving them free unlimited accounts, commissions or something like a way that they earn money.

These kind of websites are mostly lead to people in a wrong way. They don't care anything.

1) Expert Hole

Last but the most excited part of the article... Wix Experts... Wix Arena by proudly created by Wix is a place where you can hire web designers, SEO experts, Corvid coders etc. These career fields are called as Wix Experts by Wix.

Experts work hard on any kind of issue you face until they will tackle with it. These services' prices are changable. They are worth $50 for you, may be $500 or thousands. It depends on the issue's situation and your Expert's speciality.

Some of them had joined community groups and had permission to remove posts or block users from the platform where the community activies were set up. They abuse the rights and begin removing useful contents from these platforms instantly.

Continue reading this article... Change your destiny!

Change Your Destiny : Wix World by bizimuhit

All reasons that I've explained above this section cause info pollution and awkwardness. To get rid of these kind of activities, I've decided to create totally professional Discord server.

The server mainly aims to users level that based on their knowledge with no commercial relation. From ADI to deep Corvid, you can explore more Wix without any fees. The server can be available in below languages;

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Note-1:More channels and categories in different languages will be ready if I find trusted moderators from different countries,

Note-2:Available languages above will being kept up-to-date.

For Newcomers on Discord

Discord is a collaborative community solution for both text and voice chats. It takes care of users and doesn't share any personal data with any company by cookies or advertisements.

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*Self-assignment channel: If you have no idea how it is used, you can watch our tutorial here.

Server Rules

We don't want to encounter with the same things that you faced on other platforms again. Therefore, some strict rules based on 8 topic below have to be abided. You can read them on guidelines channel.

  1. Content & Behaviour

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