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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Bizim Muhit offers you free expert support. Wix website owners, agencies and enterpreneurships can claim this unlimited offer for totally free.

What Is Wix Free Expert Service?

Free Expert Service (FES) presents a quick way to solve all Wix related problems for totally free. If you are not interested in paid services from experts, you can trust us to solve all your issues.

How can you get free Wix Expert Service?

Only thing you have to do is posting a message in our community forum. Only members are able to send a message on forum categories. Once you create a regular post, one of the experts from Bizim Muhit will reply your message as quick as possible. Some tips that lead you to use the forum even efficent is listed below.

  • Only site members can post a message in our forum.

  • All visitors has ability to read the posts in all categories except archive category.

  • FES and program experts are only available in community forum. You mustn't try to reach any expert from other social media platforms or request a service by them.

  • When you send us a request under the post "Give me a role, please!", you will be awarded with a special badge "Wixen". This badge provide you and your position in community.

  • Free services include many blog posts like "How to do..?, Editor X tips..., When should I...?,...". You can access all blog posts for free as well.

What advantages will you take?

Your account and community membership have valuable advantages such as resources, blog posts, private forum categories and ability to direct contact with us.

Promote your website: Ask people how your website looks like. Share your inspiration and grow your business.

Ask your questions: Learn to use Wix website editors or solve your problems.

Premium Membership: You can also upgrade your membership to access "Premium Resources" as our customer. Once you gain access to premium resources, you will be able to reach followings.

  • Step by step tutorials (with GIFS, images and videos)

  • Detailed documentations (PDF, Power Point)

  • Private forum support (or e-mail support)

What Is Wix Expert Service?

Wix Expert Service is a Wix website solution for everyone needs help. Marketplace is a place where any user can find an expert from.

Who Is Wix Expert?

Wix Expert is a person who has the ability to design/resign Wix websites, fix issues, make everything in the website is perfect. You can hire these people directly from Wix Marketplace or social media platforms and forums.

Are you an expert?

Are you an agency or freelancer performing Wix services? Whether you are an newbie or professional, you can join the expert ecosystem and help members while you are offering your paid services at the same time.




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