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Discord Server Guide: Tips and Cheatsheet

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Learn to use the most popular in-game voice and message chat software nowadays, Discord. How to start a Discord community professionally? What are the best Discord bots?

Learn to use the most popular in-game voice and message chat software nowadays, Discord. How to start a Discord community professionally? What are the best Discord bots?

What is Discord Software?

Discord; It is a voice and text chat application that has stood out from its competitors in the last 3 years with its wide "bot" network, fast localization policy, almost uninterrupted service it offers and completely free use. E-sports activities, which have been increasing in recent years, have a great share in this acceleration.

With this application, the majority of which is made up of players, you can communicate with large audiences free of charge, at the simplest level, without the need for forums, Facebook groups or a website.

Discord Servers

Discord allows use in 2 ways; one via the server and the other via private message. For users who prefer the first, apart from a few breakthroughs, the enthusiasm for setting up a server fades in a short time, like a balloon left in the cold. While everyone is preparing to set out with this enthusiasm, no one is aware of how much effort and knowledge it takes to set up and manage servers that are truly professional and suitable for the use of many users without any problems.

A variety of resources are being created, including blog posts and how-to videos on setting up and managing Discord servers. Although there are articles that are officially published by the Discord Support unit and help you set up a server, there is no guide prepared by considering the latest developments (at least, it did not exist until we wrote).

In the rest of the article, we will talk about the basics of professionally installing and managing Discord servers, as well as helpful resources and applications.

How to Setup Professional Discord Servers?

Before we start reading, it would be useful to give you a warning. Throughout the guide, we will assume that you have some prior knowledge of Discord and will not give our advice explanations in a step-by-step how-to order. Please continue reading if you are familiar with the world of Discord, at least at a beginner level.

Environments where you engage with large audiences, such as community servers, require a quality-smelling layout. With our guide to setting up professional Discord servers, we'll shine a light on this dark and not-so-known path.

Server Security

The first step in setting up professional servers is to ensure the security of both server content and its members. There are several ways to ensure server security. These;

  • If you have a public server, moderation settings only allow members with verified phones in their Discord account to send messages.

  • Make sure the objectionable media content filter scans messages from all members.

  • Do not assign any admin permissions, including channel moderation settings, to users you are not sure of.

  • In a publicly accessible channel, post your server rules and ban users who violate them directly on the server. Note that member bans are made via account and IP and can be circumvented by proxy servers.

  • Review server audit logs frequently. Track the activities of the bot, members and management team.

  • Use security bots effectively. Such bots send a verification code to the members before they are fully logged into the server, and the bot detects whether they are users or not.

  • Keep all bots away from your server, except for bots that are widely known and/or can serve internationally. Dangerous bots can make changes to the entire server without your knowledge.

  • Do not allow private messages from server members in privacy settings. Note that unsolicited server invitations may be sent by some users.

Roles and Permissions

We can start by talking about what hierarchy is. When setting up professional servers, believe in the benefits of teamwork rather than being a one-man army. Role sequencing, which does not smell of monarchy from head to toe, allows you to solve your affairs in a shorter time. Here are some recommendations:

Assign up to 1 user to a role with administrator permission. When there is another manager on the server besides you, the crown symbol next to your name disappears.

Prevent your admins and moderators from being frequently tagged in channels. Turn off the option for all members to mention these roles.

Support content creators. Create custom roles for them to be respected on the server.

Know how to reward members who contribute to your community with higher roles at no charge. They will be satisfied with it.

Categories and Channels

The first stage of the visual representation of your server is the category and channel layout. The good work you will do here will allow users to spend more time on the server. Let's talk about the channel layouts of professional servers.

On the side, an image of Bizim Muhit Discord server category and channel layout is given. Starting from here;

  • Create an information channel that tells new members who join the server who you or your community are, the area of ​​activity, the hierarchical order and rules on the server.

  • If you don't have a public server, open a role-registration channel that allows new members to join the community.

  • Include the announcement channel so that members can be informed about the latest developments. Avoid frequently tagging anyone or online users while using this channel.

  • Chat is essential to Discord. Create 3-5 chat channels without exaggeration and mention what they should be used for in the channel description.

  • Add custom bots to the community or code a new one yourself. Either way, be sure to create a channel for bots and members to interact.

  • Support publishers. Allow them to respectfully share content they produce for you or for themselves with all members. You can also share other people's content, including your own, on live and video channels.

  • Tell your members about the features of this community that set it apart from other communities. A fun gaming channel might be a good idea.

  • Add unit codes next to channels or categories to draw more attention. When you exaggerate this, it can look pretty ugly. Apply this action only to the ones you want to highlight.

  • Never create dozens of unnecessary-audio and written channels.

  • Don't make too frequent channel and category layout changes. Proceed with the order you are sure of.

  • If you manage and actively use a server with 2000 or more members, make sure to create a support channel.

  • Try keeping logs of all actions on the server with bots. Create channels for at least 5 different jobs that are closed to everyone but you.


Bots are tools that extend the functionality of all Discord servers. Be sure to add various types of bots to your server according to the interest level of your community.

Do not assign any permissions to bots that you do not trust, especially channel management and server management permissions.

In the following paragraphs of our article, we will talk about the bots we recommend. Keep reading.


With Webhooks, another tool that is as vital as bots, you can send special embedded messages or share your messages on your Discord server simultaneously with your social media accounts. IFTT, Integromat and Zapier are some of the platforms where you can create cool webhooks.


It is the most colorful layer of your server. Do not forget to add fun emojis in desired sizes to your server in Adobe or other programs.

What are the Best Discord Bots?

All of the bots we recommend below serve in native English. If you do not understand exactly how bots are used, you can become a member of Bizim Muhit by clicking here to be instantly informed about the Discord training that we will publish on Udemy in the near future.


Rythm ve Groovy, yüzbinlerce sunucuda kullanılan gelişmiş müzik botlarıdır. Groovy 7/24 çalışabiliyor olsa da Rythm için aynı şey denemez.


En işlevsel ve detaylı genel Discord botlarıdır. Moderasyondan hatırlatıcılara, müzikten gömülü mesajlara, yayın duyurularından oto moderasyona kadar a'dan z'ye onlarca özelliği tek çatı altında sunabilirler.

Unbelieva-Poke Card-Dank Memer

Eğlenceli komutlarla sunucuyu panayıra çevirme vakti. Birbirinden farklı özellikleriyle Unbelieva, Poke ve Dank Memer hizmetinizdedir.


Medal Bot kısa oyun klipleri paylaşmanıza imkan veren bir uygulama. Resmi olarak Discord sunucularında hizmet veren güzel de bir botları var. GameStats ise oyun hesaplarının istatiklerini inceleyebileceğiniz bir bot.


Profesyonel bir Discord sunucusu kurarken baş ucunuzdan eksik etmeyeceğiniz bir rehber hazırlamak istedik. Umarız, verdiğimiz fikirler ve ilhamla, başarılı bir sunucu kurmanıza yardımcı olabilmişizdir. Lütfen yazıda bulamadığınız ancak merak ettiğiniz konuları yorumlarda belirtin. Bu rehber, sizlerin talepleri doğrultusunda yeniden, yeniden ve yeniden güncellenecektir. Bizim Muhit'le kalın!


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