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What solutions does Bizim Muhit offer for Wix websites?

Bizim Muhit offers all the services listed below, including design, SEO and development for Wix websites. With Wix Expert support behind you, you only spend time on your business, not the internet.

  • SEO targeted blogging

  • SEO targeted blog editing

  • Site administrator

  • Customer, member and market tracking

  • Sales reporting 

  • Store settings, improvements and design

  • Design improvements and necessary adjustments for applications

  • Page organisation 

  • Material page designs

  • Data plan, data collection, dynamic page development

  • Form production

  • Event organisation follow-up

  • Forum moderator and administrator

  • High-resolution visual enhancements

  • Site performance improvements

  • Building a site from scratch

  • Redesigning an existing site

  • Mobile website

  • Wix Velo services

  • Video guides, step-by-step guides, courses

  • After-service support network

  • Free, premium and commercial templates

Can't find what you're looking for? Hire a Wix expert today.

If you'd like to receive support from our experts, you can directly send an email to here

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