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What is a classic/basic Wix website and how much does it cost?

A classic/basic Wix website is a website which has limited design capabilities, pages and apps. These kind of websites, whether  they are redesigned or designed from scratch, starts at $800 (US dollars) and up, and offers built-in Wix premium features. 

In order for a final quote to be exist, each of the matters/elements below should be taken into account.

Which features do Wix classic/basic websites contain or offer?

Classic or basic websites are considered to have 5-6 pages (if required, it might exceed this limit), are built in basic or ADI Editor, and includes:

  • Home, about, contact us pages

  • Services/features pages

  • Blog pages, subscription forms and/or events (if required)

  • Member's area (with custom labeling and transfer, if required)

  • Basic Wix SEO settings (if required) 

  • Basic mobile design

Note that this service and related price covers only the design or redesign services. In order to publish a premium Wix website with domain and without Wix ads, you must upgrade your website to a premium package. You can also request from us to let the website a premium package (yearly plan's price (or for two years) is added to the final quote). 

How much does it cost? 

Based on your project requirements, we try to do our best and offer you the best possible price. The more the clarification you make, the more the possibilities we can offer. Add-ons after a quote and/or payment has been submitted can possilby halt the project and a quote for the additional work will be provided.

New builds and redesigns start at the same price regardless of the site already being live or not, as the build and time to  rebuild it still remains the same.

Wix premium plans are seperated into two categories. One for Ascend Business and another for your website. This service only requires website plans. It costs $100/ye to $200. This rates are not up-to-date. So we have to check the valid prices for each plan while initiating your project.  

What can affect the final quote of a classic/basic website?

  1. The number of built-ins required on your site outside of a classic site. Please see advanced or eCommerce site FAQs

  2. Additional pages or large amounts of content outside the expected content-load.

  3. Additional functionalities or custom page behaviours. Please visit the advanced Wix website article. 

If you'd like to receive support from our experts, you can directly send an email to here

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