How notification settings are configured?

Is reading an article boring ? Follow step by step tutorial

Some of you often say that why we are receiving e-mails for all our activities? Even if you hadn't subscribed to blog feeds ,or forum categories or a post, when you create an account on Bizim Muhit, your subscription begins naturally.

A step by step tutorial was prepared to explain subscripton selections and other stuff. It is accessible above frame called "Is reading an article bla bla bla". Check there!

All feeds are selected to get your intend in a related topic you are interested in. We also can contact you to promote our events, campaigns, services and solutions. The way not to receive these e-mails is click on the button called "unsubscribe" at the bottom of e-mail page.

Note: Blog feed triggers can be added or removed by us but the other notifications should be configured by you. 

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