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Registration e-mail is assigned only the first time you registered to Bizim Muhit. You can't change this e-mail likewise the password. But if you still want to change it, creating a new account with different e-mail adress is a good way to deal with it. 

Note: When you create a new Bizim Muhit account, you must report us your previous account to delete from our databases.


You can easily create your Bizim Muhit account by following;

  1. Go to sign up page

  2. Fill the form correctly

  3. ...


Some of you often say that why we are receiving e-mails for all our activities? Even if you hadn't subscribed to blog feeds ,or forum categories or a post, when you create an account on Bizim Muhit, your subscription begins naturally.

A step by step tutorial was prepared to explain subscripton selections and other stuff. It is accessible above frame called "Is reading an article bla bla bla". Check there!</s



Profile badges are distributed corresponding to your activities and roles you gain in Bizim Muhit. Badges appear on your profile page, blog comments and forum posts as well. There are some methods you are rewarded with badges by following;




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