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Iyzidate: Friendship and Dating Server

Iyzidate: Friendship and Dating Server

Discord friendship and chat server iyzidate, opens the doors of the online world for its members, and it's free!

Chat, Dating and Friendship Discord Server

By joining iyzidate, one of the most popular Discord servers in the chat and friendship category, you can get the following benefits:

  • Exchange information with authenticated users*,

  • Exchange information with interested groups, including more experienced users, on topics such as personal care, military service, healthy eating, sports, sex life, wealth acquisition, relationship advice, marriage, etc,

  • Anonymous confessions feature allows you to share your feelings and relax without even showing your username,

  • Game, culture, history, etc. voice chat on topics,

  • The chance to socialise in gender-specific rooms only with members of that group,

  • Meet, interview and date with the partner you have matched with,

  • Meeting new people, networking,

  • Meet new people as part of a large network, organise chats, share your publications and join local meet-ups.

How to Join Discord Turkey Chat and Friendship Server?

At iyzidate, everything worth discovering is just a click away. Join iyzidate, the Discord chat and friendship server.

Iyzidate FAQ

What is iyzidate?

iyzidate is a digital community that supports socialising, knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing.

Who provides content to iyzidate?

The content on the iyzidate server is at the discretion of the users. Although moderation is provided by the iyzidate team, it is not possible to control all content 24/7.

Why does iyzidate need authentication?

Some channels on the server are categorised and automatically opened to authenticated people.

Does iyzidate allow +18 content?

iyzidate is a server that is not categorised as NSFW. Therefore, it is not allowed to use the written and audio channels on iyzidate in a way that is illegal or against Discord policies such as violence, nudity, terrorism, etc.

*iyzidate collects citizenship information to ensure server-wide security and trust between members. You can find the necessary information and instructions on the server.

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