The only unified digital event customer solution

Bizim Muhit puts all online event operations into its professionalism. So, any complex organizations are became simpler.

Say hello to your new
e-sport tournaments

Let knowledge guide your communities, members and entire company.

Easy management

Get a clearer picture of your participants, registrations and overall. With an overview window in one platform, you save time.

Customizable structure

From brackets to battle royale rankings, pick and combine relevant players exactly where they desire in.

Your own data

Gather useful data from your participants and export in a file whenver time you want.

Host your entire audiences in a server

Get contact with your community more and warmly than ever before.

Fully automated

Server integrated applications work automotically when a participant reacts with them. 

Customizable features

LOL! Proceed to the next step with custom emojis and bots. 

Detailed documentation

Always know and learn how you can change some settings and other stuff via our support pages.

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